The USA Versus The World.

The unity of national identity amongst so many different races, religions and cultures in America, is anathema to how the rest of the world sees itself.

I received a lengthy and well written letter from Jack White, a reader from Camarillo California (who is new to this Web Site), who stumbled upon Galganov Dot Com through a link at Free Republic Dot Com.

In essence; Jack White was interested in why Canadians, amongst the rest of the world hate America and Americans, as much as they (we) do.

Here’s my succinct answer: JEALOUSY!

The USA has been the leader of virtually everything progressive in the world for more than two centuries. Americans have led the way in entertainment, technology, fashion, the modern arts, and medicine.

Also; the USA invented modern Democracy. And as such, has been a beacon of conscience for the world. And they’ve championed the underdog like none other.

And no nation on the face of this planet can match, or even pretend to match the might of the US military.

The other thing about the USA is its melting-pot influence. Unlike Canada, where so many people are hyphenated Canadians, such as French-Canadians, Indo-Canadians, etcetera. In America, they are all just Americans.

Even amongst those who like to call themselves African-Americans, under their skin, they are first and foremost Americans.

And this unity of national identity amongst so many different races, religions and cultures in America, is anathema to how the rest of the world sees itself.

To me, the USA is like the SPCA mutt. There’s nothing fancy or pretentious about it. And don’t bother trying to figure out the pedigree – there’s just too many genes within to bother. But one will never be able to find a better and more reliable friend with a heart so big it can’t be measured. That’s America.

Now compare that to the elitist European and Asian pedigrees.

Americans are the greatest free competitors in the world. They fight like hell to win, and play by their own rough and tumble rules. And they will do whatever it takes to finish first.

That’s how America reached the moon, while the rest of us were trying to figure out how far the moon was.

And this pisses the rest of the world off to no end. Including Canada.

Canada is a country with no direction, no purpose, and no identity. We’re not Europeans, and we’re not Americans. So we’ve become hyphenated.

And instead of competing with reckless abandon to be better than our friends South of our border, we prefer to whine and find fault with the USA; imagined or real.

But Canada and the rest of the world are not the only guilty parties when it comes to bashing America. As a matter of fact, we Canadians are second-rate America-bashers when compared to self-hating Americans like Michael Moore and the Hollywood elites.

Canada is a country of some 33 million people. I’m certain there are more self-hating Americans on the American political Left, who hate what they believe America stands for, than there are Canadians.

Just ask the people who openly wept when John Kerry lost the election.

Not all Canadians hate America. I DON’T!

I love the USA! I think the USA is the greatest ever: warts and all. And as a Canadian, I’m not alone. But then again, I like to compete and have a chance to succeed.

I like to know that if I fail, I can try again. And no matter how many times I fall on my ass, I can just keep on getting up, and try again, again, and again. Because that’s the American way.

I like that a Cuban refugee, Carlos M Gutierrez, who came to America at the age of 6 years old, was able to become the CEO of Kellogg’s, and then the Secretary of Commerce in Bush’s second term. That’s the American way too.

And while most within Canada and American Leftists are screaming the cheers for multi-culturalism and every form of affirmative action imaginable; and how Bush is some kind of Right Wing neanderthal:

Bush is busy appointing Hispanics, Blacks and other cultural minorities to positions of tremendous responsibility based upon their ability, opposed to their genetic markers.

The world is jealous of the USA. But that doesn’t seem to stop the world from devouring all things American.

Hollywood absolutely hates what America has come to stand for as they see it. But that hasn’t stopped the likes of Barbara Streisand from living the role of Hollywood queen, where she treats her “subjects” like dirt. And that’s also the American way.

And as long as the USA is the world leader in everything, the world will continue to hate America, including much of Canada. And that’s OK with me too.

Better that the world hates a successful America, than loves an American failure.

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  1. Not so terrible, at least this time you nare not being FORCED,(Quebec), to move. Judy & I are going through the same sentiments. She loves living in a house.If I were living in a Condo, I would be the biggest shit-disturber imaginable with all the petty bureaucratic rules that I could not possibly follow. So we too are staying put. The roof was repaired,the walls now have to be repainted,(cause the roof leaked), and so on. After an hour’s labour,my back is killing me. You’re here,alive,enjoy!

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