The UN, France And Pals Are Responsible For Dead Coalition Troops.

The demand from the US Senate for the UN to turn over the documents has been directly refused by Kofi Anan. I wonder why?

During the past US Presidential election – and since, the American Left went out of its way to demonize President George W Bush.

Their most important reason to oust Bush from having four more years was the way he acted unilaterally in global issues.

The mantra from the Left was simple: Vote for Kerry and he will reestablish America’s relationships with our old allies such as France and Germany.

Elect John Kerry and he will reestablish America’s prestige with the United Nations.

But . . . reelect George W Bush. And America will be assured to continue going it alone.

To the American Left, it appeared that what the UN and Old Europe had to say about American and world policy, was somehow more important than what Americans had to say about American and world policy.

I am ceratin, without a doubt, that Kerry’s remarks about passing a global test did far more for his popularity in Europe and at the UN, than it did for him in the USA.

And now that the American Senate sub committee investigating the Iraqi Oil For Food Program has unveiled a horror-story of international corruption, Bush is looking all that much better. And Kerry is looking all that much more irrelevant.

Here’s the bottom-line as I see it:

It was not George W Bush and his inner “war team” (Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Rice) who were responsible for having to invade Iraq: it was the UN, France and all the others who cheated, aided and abetted Saddam Hussein.

When the story began to break about some kind of scandal with the program that allowed Saddam to sell oil in exchange for food and medical supplies, I thought it was just the usual. You know; a handful of crooked politicians beating the system for a “few” bucks.

But now, it appears that the “few” bucks are more than $21 BILLION. And that’s only what we know about.

We can’t even begin to guess how much Saddam kicked-back in return.

The US Senate is demanding to see the UN files. They want to see the receipts for the oil. Who got what. And under which circumstances. They want to know who was bribed. And who violated the International Sanctions everyone agreed upon.

The whole idea of the sanctions and the embargo was to choke Saddam into submission, and to make certain he couldn’t be a military threat to anyone. But it didn’t work. Not just because Saddam cheated. But because the UN and their pals did.

The demand from the US Senate for the UN to turn over the documents has been directly refused by Kofi Anan. I wonder why?

So, when the UN and their pals were accusing George W Bush and his embargo policy of committing infanticide in Iraq, by withholding food and medicine due to the embargo, nothing could have been further from the truth.

And the worst part: The accusers knew it.

Iraq was awash with money. But not the money they were supposed to have received. And not any money that went towards the comfort of the people. Starving children included. Iraq had vaults overflowing with blood-money from the UN and Old Europe.

It is clear why the UN and their putrid pals routinely voted against their own resolution to take action against Saddam Hussein. They were paid off.

Had the UN, France and the others not betrayed the USA, the world, and the Iraqi people: America, Britain, Australia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and others would not have had to invade Iraq.

Had the sanctimonious UN and France not sold-out honor, principles and morality for a “few” bucks from a genocidal maniac, Americans and their allies would not have died on the Iraqi battlefields.

I never disagreed; not even once, with George W Bush’s position on the irrelevance of the UN. I never once questioned in my own mind what the motives were for France to be so supportive of Saddam. I didn’t know what was in it for France. But I knew it had to be something. And now we all know.

For all the Leftists and doubters who supported John Kerry’s position on multilateralism, you have to be shaking your heads in disbelief and betrayal. Not that Kerry knew the truth. But that Kerry put so much faith in a world full of cheats, rather than in his own country.

Every time an American, and/or coalition soldier is wounded or killed. Thank the UN, France and their friends. Every time you see how enormous the US deficit is because of the cost of the war. Thank the UN, France and their friends. Every time American social services are at financial risk. Thank the UN, France and their friends.

And the next time someone says the USA should follow the lead of Paris. Or wait for approbation from Paris. Think about the Oil For Food Scam, the Hungry Iraqi kids. And the dead coalition soldiers.

And if after all of this, if Kerry supporters and Bush antagonists don’t take a moment to reflect on how tragic it would have been for the US to have a global appeaser in the White House. I don’t know what else I can say to them.

Because at this juncture, with all we know now, there is nothing more to say.

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  1. Hi Howard, I hope this finds you in good spirits. I’m about 4 yrs. older than you, and everything has drastically changed for me in the last 2 years. I know some of what you and Anne are going through, and just wanted to say this: Keep up the “Team Spirit” about campaigning for the (now) underdog conservatives. The whole world needs people like you! Hope you move down here with us, in the U.S.A.
    Thanks again for all the support you give to “our way” of thinking.
    Mike Renner

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