Israel Is Responsible For An Honest Democratic Palestinian Election. Not The Palestinians.


Yesterday (November 15, 2004), I wrote about CNN’s portrayal of Yasser Arafat. They attempted to show a mirror image of the Egyptian born Palestinian monster in comparison to the Israeli born Ariel Sharon.

CNN practiced the same kind of yellow-journalism used with great results by propagandists throughout history. If you can not elevate your position, you simply denigrate the position of the other side.

In this case; CNN could not change the reality of Yasser Arafat. Simply stated; Arafat was a TERRORIST and promoter of misery. His positive accomplishments are none.

To say something good about Arafat, meant having to ignore his real life’s history. So, the only way for CNN to deflect from Arafat, was for them to create a life-long Arafat foe that defines his raison d’etre. The foe is Ariel Sharon.

While it might be true that Arafat spent every moment of his day thinking about Ariel Sharon; as the broadcast suggested. I sincerely believe that Ariel Sharon conversely spent every moment of his day thinking about how to make Israel better (and still does).

I doubt if Sharon thought much about Arafat, other than how to keep him from killing Jews.

To have watched this pro-Arafat CNN propaganda piece, was to believe that Arafat and Ariel Sharon were one and the same. Two sides of the same coin as CNN stated.

But try as hard as CNN could, no comparison could be further from the truth.

Immediately after this CNN special on Arafat (November 13, 2004), Carol Lin hosted the 6:00 o’clock “Live Saturday” news program where she made an outrageous demand.

In her comment on the possibility that there is now a chance to negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinians, as a result of the death of Yasser Arafat, Carol Lin DEMANDED that Israel does its part too.

She was speaking in reference to President Bush’s statement; that the Palestinian people have an honest Democratic election that will install a government which will make peace with Israel.

In Carol Lin’s world, the Palestinians can’t have an honest democratic election without some kind of sacrifice by Israel.

This is the same excuse Arafat and his sycophants used not to have elections. “How can we have elections when we’re occupied by Israel”? Was the mantra of the Palestinians.

I could never understand how Israel’s presence in any part of this region made it impossible for the Palestinians to have an honest Democratic election.

Why would Carol Lin of CNN think it is somehow up to Israel for the Palestinians to be able to have a successful and honest Democratic election?

To uninformed viewers of this program, it must now be a fact that the Palestinians can not have an honest Democratic election because of Israel. And when the Palestinian election falls apart, it won’t be the fault of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians have given themselves 60 days (January 9, 2005) to stage an honest and Democratic election.

It takes the American people more than a year to elect their Presidents. And that’s with the most comprehensive voting experience, system of checks and balances and thousands of lawyers at-the-ready.

Other Democracies with long histories of Free, Fair and Honest elections spend hundreds of millions of dollars on election infrastructure just like the USA does, in order to guarantee honest Democratic outcomes.

More than all of this; in every Democracy, there are tens of thousands of candidates at all levels who have different opinions on everything. They speak their mind wherever they happen to be. They buy ads in newspapers, on radio and on television. And they post their message on lawns and wherever else they can.

They debate. They call each other liars. And they sell their vision of how they want to see their respective jurisdictions run. This is Democracy. This is a system that has developed over a period of centuries.

This is the system of government the Jews brought with them from America and Europe – BEFORE THEY RECREATED THE STATE OF ISRAEL.

And now the world expects the Palestinians, who’ve known nothing but Despotism, TERROR and Thugocracy to embrace Democratic principles in less than 60 days.


After-all, Carol Lin’s comments have already set the ground-work to blame it on the Jews.

At the mayhem that passed for the funeral of the Palestinian monster Arafat, the Palestinians showed their true colors. This was no surprise to anyone. So why should anyone be surprised when the Palestinian election becomes a civil war?

The entire world, with the exception of just a few countries have lauded the dead Palestinian monster, yet, at the same time, and in the same breath, they now hold hope that with him gone, there is a chance for peace in the Middle East.

How do they square this circle?

How can they portray Arafat as a great man, when they fully acknowledge that with him alive, there was no chance for peace? But with him dead, there is?

And what’s with Gaza?

Carol Lin stated that Israel has to coordinate their departure from Gaza with the Palestinians.


All the Israelis have to do is leave. It’s not that complicated.

What the Israelis can negotiate with the Palestinians is a matter of what the Israelis will do with the tremendous infrastructure of the Settlements they will leave behind.

Should they sell them to the Palestinians? Should they trade them to the Palestinians for the spit of West Bank Land the Israelis want to retain, that is virtually contiguous to Israel proper anyway? Or should Israel just blow up the Settlements and all the infrastructure that maintains them, and give back what they originally took?


Somehow, in Carol Lin and CNN’s mind, this issue of how the Israelis chose to leave Gaza will also be a “roadblock” to an honest Democratic Palestinian election. Why?

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