CNN And Their Legitimacy To Blame It On The Jews

How do the Arab/Moslem perpetrators of such huge crimes against humanity get away with what they do with impunity?

There has never been a more effective battle-cry amongst the world’s thugs than: BLAME THE JEWS!

In relatively modern times, BLAME THE JEWS worked extremely well. And it’s still working today. Except today, unlike all of the yesterdays, the Jews are fighting back. And they have a big uncle for a friend.

To the media, the fact that the Arab Middle East is in virtual poverty, even amongst the oil rich Arab states. It’s the fault of the Jews.

Arab states routinely declare war upon each other. It’s the fault of the Jews.

Arab states fail to educate their children. It’s the fault of the Jews.

Islam is spreading like an uncontrolled cancer steeped in violence around the world. It’s the fault of the Jews.

Moslem murderers are savaging the populace of the world in Europe, Asia and Africa. It’s the fault of the Jews.

Even 9/11 became the fault of the Jews.

What’s remarkable about virtually all the media, is how it never seems to be the fault of the Moslems or the Arabs.


How do the Arab/Moslem perpetrators of such huge crimes against humanity get away with what they do with impunity?

The answer is tragically easy to understand. BLAME THE JEWS!

On Saturday evening’s: “CNN People In The News” at 5:00 o’clock (November 13, 2004), followed by “Live Saturday” hosted by Carol Lin at 6:00 o’clock, the focus was on Yasser Arafat; the life and the times of the man who led the Palestinian people until the day he died.

The fact that CNN focused (mostly positive) on Arafat’s personal struggle, and the struggle of the Palestinian people opposed to his murderous history was of no surprise.

What bothered me most about these two reports however, wasn’t the whitewash given to the murdering thug Arafat, and his people who have mastered the art of being perpetual refugees and victims.

It was how CNN focused not just on the life of Arafat as a stand-alone story, but how they drew a parallel between Arafat and Israel’s elected Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, giving the impression that Arafat was the way he was because of Sharon. And Sharon was the way he was because of Arafat.

To CNN, it appeared that one could not be without the other.

Arafat was born in Egypt. He was not a “Palestinian” by any stretch. On the other hand, Sharon was born in Israel. He is an Israeli.

Sharon was an extremely brave military commander who faced the enemy regardless of the circumstance (that is, when the enemy wasn’t running away). Just ask the Egyptian 3rd Army (1973).

Sharon is a genuine war hero, and is a recognized General by his international peers.

Sharon was instrumental in creating the peace agreement between Egypt and Israel (September 17, 1978), by reassuring Prime Minister Menachem Begin that Israel’s Army could still defend Israel, even if Israel gave back the Sinai.

And it was Ariel Sharon who oversaw the dismantling of the Sinai Jewish Settlements that sealed the deal.

Ariel Sharon is the democratically elected Prime Minister of Israel, who is in constant negotiations with all members of the Knesset (political friends and foes) to win enough support to govern according to the Israeli system of government which is consistent with Western Democratic Standards.


He called himself General Arafat, even though he was the general of nothing. His military legacy is more akin to a Mafia Don who ordered “hits”, rather than a soldier who leads in battle.

Arafat’s best gear was reverse, as soon as his sorry ass was in jeopardy.

He called himself Chairman Arafat, even though he was the Chairman of a “club” of sycophants and thugs of his own making.

He called himself President Arafat, even though he was never “really” elected to anything.

And he called himself a Nobel Peace Laureate, even though his hands in life and in death dripped with the blood of thousands of innocents butchered under his TERRORIST command.

It is remarkable how it is not enough for the world of CNN-type news broadcasters to positively slant the life of a murderer like Arafat; they have to draw a parallel where none could be further from the truth.

When the normal political end of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon comes, he will leave office and accept the new choice of Prime Minster which will be decided upon by the people.

In the case of Arafat; the only way for him to have given up power was in a box. And thankfully for the world, that day has finally come.

Where Arafat had the goodwill of the entire world, he chose to squander his golden opportunity on the alter of TERROR.

Where Arafat had BILLIONS of dollars given to him with which to build a nation, he stole much of it.

Where Arafat had a Palestinian nation handed to him on a silver platter by Ehud Barak in the year 2000 at Camp David, he chose to tip over the platter.

For CNN To compare Arafat to Ariel Sharon, simply because Arafat’s standing on his own merit is equal to nothing more than human detritus, is unacceptable, and says far more about CNN than it does about Arafat.

The world hasn’t lost much in the death of Yasser Arafat. Not nearly as much as the CNN-type news providers have lost in their “legitimacy” to BLAME WHATEVER ON THE JEWS.

My next editorial will deal with yet another CNN outrage from the same “Live Saturday” hosted by Carol Lin at 6:00 o’clock, Saturday, November 13, 2004. Her one-sided observation towards Israel’s forthcoming obligation was unbelievable.

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