A fitting Burial For A Monster

Don't show any "reverence" on "my show" as they try to take "stinky" off the helicopter. That "son-of-a-bitch".

I watched the Arafat burial on CNN, MSNBC and BBC this morning. All of whom bent over backwards to be reverent to a mass murderer.

All but Don Imus that is, who does his cross-America radio show; “Imus In The Morning” which is simulcast on MSNBC.

During his show, Andrea Mitchell, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC, and wife of Allan Greenspan, Chairman of the US Fed, spoke in almost hushed tones about Arafat as the Palestinian mob was beginning to develop.

Imus couldn’t take the respect for Arafat conveyed by Andrea Mitchell. To paraphrase Imus using his words to Mitchell:

Don’t show any “reverence” on “my show” as they try to take “stinky” off the helicopter. That “son-of-a-bitch”.

This was the only honest broadcast I saw.

I imagine that the FOX News Network was as honest as well, but we’ll never really know, because the Federal Government of Canada makes it ILLEGAL for Canadians to receive the FOX News Network in Canada on cable or satellite.

While watching the crush of inhumanity keeping Arafat’s diseased body from being unloaded from the helicopter that brought him from Cairo, it was impossible not to notice a large, bright and waving CANADIAN flag amongst the mob.

Not only was the Red Maple Leaf a stand-out in this crowd of horrible people; it was the only national flag I saw, other than the flag of the Palestinians, which they wave around like a rag at the end of a pole.

A bit later, when Arafat’s body was finally brought to his burial place, the Red Maple Leaf was once again “proudly” and prominently waved in the Palestinian Hall.

When Anne and I moved to Ontario (in the year 2000), I flew my Canadian flag in the front of our home (as I did in St Lazare, Quebec), and when I bought my Ontario car license plates, I paid extra to purchase plates that included a Canadian flag as part of the design.

We no longer fly the Canadian flag in front of our home. I replaced it with Ontario’s Red Ensign which flies above the Stars and Stripes. And as of this afternoon, I will change my car license plates to be rid of the Maple Leaf there as well.

I have often asked: What does Canada stand for? I saw my answer today on three television networks, at the funeral of a mass murderer.

Arafat was given a statesman’s send-off by many of the world Heads of State, or their representatives, showing just how morally bankrupt the world is: especially France.

There could never be a more fitting final stage to a funeral, than the mob scene that ushered Arafat to his grave. This irreverence and mayhem was the perfect demonstration of Arafat’s true measure on “his people”.

The guns firing into the air. The masked goons. The tires burning. The ugly hijab wearing women screaming like fish-mongers. The fools standing on top of cars. The people injured during the free-for-all. The ambulance sirens. And the Western media pretending that all of this was somehow “normal” and “acceptable” behavior.

These were the sounds, the fury, and the scene at the funeral of a dead monster, whose only contribution to society was murder, mayhem and misery, “graced” by the flutter of the Red Maple Leaf of Canada.

Need anyone say anything more?

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