Arafat Is Getting The Death He Deserves.

Imagine; this monster Arafat, created a "nation" that is too repugnant for world leaders to attend his actual funeral.

There was a headline in today’s National Post Newspaper (November 10, 2004) on their front page, that quotes the Palestinian Cleric who visited Arafat yesterday: “Arafat’s life in the hands of God”.

If there is a God; there would never have been an Arafat.

Yasser Arafat’s death-in-progress mirrors his life.

Arafat lived his life like a Palestinian Junkyard Dog, feeding off the bones of those who were weaker than him. And now in his journey to hell, the Palestinians are feeding off of him.

They don’t give a damn about his death. They only want the BILLIONS he stole and his power.

Arafat is not just the father of modern-day TERRORISM: he’s the father of a despicable culture where cheating, stealing, lying, intimidation, TERROR and murder is the hallmark of his society.

The age-old expression: “Live by the sword – Die by the sword” could not be more appropriate for Yasser Arafat. But in his case, it should be: Live like an animal – Die like an animal.

Instead of being eulogized around the world for his greatness, the civilized world is treading on eggshells wondering how they can send this monster off without tainting themselves with his bile.

Instead of being sent-off by world leaders in the Palestine he “championed”, he will be sent-off in Cairo where it will be safer for world leaders.

Imagine: this monster Arafat, created a “nation” where it is too repugnant for world leaders to attend his actual funeral. Where world leaders are too frightened to be where this piece of human detritus will actually be buried. But want Israel to be kinder to the savages of Arafat’s making.

I can’t wait for the funeral of Arafat.

The AK47’s being fired in the air. The marching masked cowards dressed in black. The pitiful women making that horrible sound with their tongues. And the mobs crushing each other to touch the “stiff”.

This will be the funeral of a thug, thief, cheater, liar, bully and murderer. It is what he will deserve.

Everyone’s concerned with what happens after Arafat.

It’s easy.

Arafat’s legacy to his people will be civil war and rule of the thugs. His people will continue to be poor, uneducated, unskilled, and cursed to more misery.

While the Palestinian Junkyard Dogs who ran with Arafat fight over his bones for the right to steal what’s left; the Palestinian Junkyard Dogs with all the guns in Gaza and the West Bank will settle old scores and eliminate their competition.

This is the legacy of a monster, the likes of other monsters who’ve preceded him. But unlike Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Erich Honecker and Nicolae Ceausescu; the world will pretend that Arafat was somehow different. Somehow a statesman and a world leader who merits a degree of honor.

In reality; Arafat is getting exactly what he deserves in his miserable deathbed while the Palestinian Junkyard Dogs of his making, and the pig of his wife fight over his miserable carcass.

Sometimes one really does get what one deserves.

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  1. Howard, My wife and I wish you and Ann all the best. You have been an inspiration to me with your fight for freedom from tyranny and the adherance to conservative principles. We have lived in South Florida since 1974 (originally from NJ). I must say that life is so much easier in FL than living in a cold weather state like NJ or worse yet in Montreal where I lived prior to that. Anyway, good luck in your search for a place to suit your needs. And, keep writing and advocating; we need you!

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