Girlie-Men – The Embarrassment Of Being Canadian

It was enough to make a battle-hardened Marine weep.

Anne and I were just watching the CTV Late National News (Canadian Television Network) with Lloyd Robertson, before walking down to the barn to turn-in the horses for the night.

As we strolled the 100 feet or so from the house to the barn, in the very crisp clear Autumn night, we spoke as if we were dumb-struck at what Lloyd Robertson read as a news story.

At about 10:15 (Atlantic time), Robertson’s story was about the fight raging in Fallujah. He spoke about how the US troops were driven back by Iraqi insurgents the first time the Americans tried to take the city quite awhile ago.

This bothered me quite a bit, because it wasn’t true.

The reason the Americans pulled back the last time they were on the doorstep of Fallujah was to avoid huge civilian casualties in the hopes that the insurgents would just go away.

That strategy didn’t work. And now the Americans are back.

There’s a big difference between not attacking for strategic reasons, compared to being driven back as Lloyd Robertson stated.

In this piece aired on CTV, the cameras caught marines running forward with guns blazing. There was a scene of an unconscious American soldier being taken off a tank. There were other visuals of American soldiers taking cover behind brick and concrete walls while exchanging gunfire with the Iraqi enemy.

This is what the American soldiers are all about.

Immediately following this dramatic footage, here was Lloyd Robertson speaking in a grave tone about the condition of Canadian troops in Afghanistan.

It was enough to make a battle-hardened Marine weep.

The air quality in Afghanistan was not good. It was too hot, too dry and too dusty. And if that wasn’t enough: The water wasn’t fresh either.

But not to fear – Canada is having an inquiry and will get to the bottom of this.

Imagine; Canadian fighting men and women who are forced to breath dusty air and drink water that isn’t up to their standards in a war zone. How can it possibly be worse?

Anne and I watched this in total embarrassment. Here were real American fighting forces in street to street and door to door combat. And here’s Canada’s “Girlie Men” crying about the accommodations.

I’m happy that it will be Remembrance Day in a few days (Veteran’s Day in the USA), so I can think back to a time when Canadians knew what bravery and commitment were all about. When men like my father fought with enormous valor under the Canadian Red Ensign.

When Canada was a real country.

I will stand on the street corner of Place du Canada in Downtown Montreal at 11:00am on Thursday November 11, saluting those few remaining brave men and women who gave us a great country, which the present-day idiots have all but destroyed.

I will leave the Remembrance Day Ceremony once the veterans march by, and I will take my Poppy, which will be worn with gratitude to where my folks are buried.

And I will affix it to the Canadian flag that adorns my parent’s grave. And I will thank them for all they did for their country, and for my FREEDOM.

And then I will try to erase this disgraceful CTV news report from my memory, in the knowledge that once-upon-a-time there was great country called Canada that actually stood for something.

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