Bad Losers.

What I did read, was how bad Bush will be over the next four years. Why? No reason.

I published a short editorial yesterday (November 4, 2004) covering a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. I expected to hear nothing from my readers about what I had written. But to my surprise, the e-mails were fast and furious.

Even though every letter was non supportive in the general sense of what I wrote; not one of them criticized the facts. Not one of them refuted the incontestible outcome of the US election. Or why Bush won so convincingly.

Not one of the letters recognized that George W Bush won the largest number of popular votes in US Presidential election history. Or that George W Bush won the Electoral College handily. Or that the Republicans under George W Bush increased their majorities in both sides of the House. And that Daschle, the Democratic Senate Minority House Leader lost his bid for re-election.

What I did read, was how bad Bush will be over the next four years. Why? No reason.

I read how the USA will be further alienated on the world stage. How Europe hated Bush who “stole” the election in the year 2,000. And now hate all the Americans who in fact voted for him in huge numbers in 2004.

No one mentioned the fact that America was not hit even once since George W Bush declared war on TERRORISM. No one mentioned “dick” about the bourgeoning US economy, the new jobs created, and Bush’s successful open trade philosophy.

No one said a peep about the remarkable Democratic election in Afghanistan. And no said anything about the marginalization of the TERRORIST Arafat.

They did say he will overthrow Roe V Wade as if it were inevitable. And that he will change the US Constitution to block Gay marriages. And that he will nominate Right Wing Judges to occupy the upcoming vacancies at the US Supreme Court. And that he will institute the draft.

What they didn’t say was how impossible it would be for any government and the US Supreme Court to reverse Roe V Wade against a wall of people of goodwill who would oppose any attempt to do so. Republican and Democrat.

They didn’t say how impossible it would be for George W Bush to make any changes to the US Constitution, where unlike Canada, any Premier can invoke the Notwithstanding Clause to suspend Civil Rights and Liberties which are “sort” of protected in Canada’s Constitution.

Or, how the Supreme Court of Canada can state without equivocation, how a province is in clear violation of Charter of Rights Guarantees, yet can be allowed to take away the Rights of people because of that province’s “Distinct” nature (Supreme Court ruling on Quebec’s construction industry’s right to restrict Canadian Freedoms of Association and Mobility).

Unlike Canada, in the USA, it’s easier to move a mountain than it is to change a comma in their Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As for nominating Right Wing Supreme Court Judges: that’s a “red herring”. Even though the Republicans control both Houses, there are enough “moderate” republicans whose vote the President will need to install new Justices, that his choices will have to be somewhat mainstream.

As for implementing the draft: To bring in the draft, it would take an Act of Congress, and not the dictate of a US President. And besides, George W Bush made it very clear that there will be no draft. And why should we not take his word for it, since he really does say what he means, and he really means what he says.

I’ve never experienced such a group of sore losers as are the Democrats. If Democracy is the expression of the will of the majority of the people; all Americans, including the Free World should be rejoicing in the outcome of this election process.

The Democrats went above and beyond in their effort to turn out the vote, even if the voters they turned out knew nothing about the issues.

And they did it.

Record numbers of Americans showed up at the polls to vote. Unfortunately for the Democrats though, the voters they turned out didn’t necessarily vote the way the Democrats had imagined they would.

What this election came down to was substance, character and style.

Bush is Bush. And no one has to think twice where he stands on any issue. Kerry on the other hand was all over the board on every issue. And instead of relying on his 20 year Senate record, he tried to con the American people with his 4 months of active service in Vietnam some 30 years earlier.

Kerry’s wife was also a loose cannon. All of my American friends who voted for Kerry cringed at the thought of the filthy rich and nutty Theresa Heinz carrying the title of First Lady. I am absolutely certain that the mere thought of her as First Lady shifted votes away from Kerry.

Then there was the ambulance-chaser John Edwards, who looks and sounds great in small doses, but when heard over and over again, Edwards was nothing more than an ever smiling shyster.

And Elizabeth Edwards didn’t do her husband and John Kerry any favors when she accused Lynn Cheney of being embarrassed of her Lesbian daughter. Not only was it uncalled for. It was a testament to which leader had more respect for the rights of Gays and Lesbians.

And it demonstrated how mean-spirited the Kerry/Edwards team actually was.

Bush and Cheney never brought up the personal lifestyles of Gays and Lesbians. But Kerry, Edwards and Edwards’ wife Elizabeth did. And that didn’t pass public scrutiny without consequences.

It bothers me how much the Media and the Leftists are bemoaning this incredible American example of Democracy. Where they should be applauding how the electoral process worked without any real incidents, they’re damning the results and the will of the people.

This is troublesome. Perhaps it needs another Michael Moore Propaganda piece. And speaking of which: I sincerely believe that Michael Moore and the other Hollywood and Television types did more to elect George W Bush, than they did to win votes for the Democrats.

And for me; that was the bonus.

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