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On the media gurus who are twisting their brains in knots trying to explain the huge Bush victory:

I was out of town for a couple of days; away from my computer, but never far from Newspaper Editorials, Regular Radio Broadcasts, my US Satellite Radio, and Television News.

But since I spent my time listening and watching opposed to writing, I had the rare opportunity to enjoy the opinions of others without adding my two cents.

But now I’m back.

On Carolyn Parish’s (Member of Parliament) latest anti-American remarks:

She is part of what makes me embarrassed to be a Canadian; a know-nothing, do-nothing, Arafat-loving swine feeding beyond her fill from the public trough.

On the American Left’s attitude about George Bush’s impressive election victory:

It seems to me, that in their minds, the only time democracy works is when they win. What part of sweeping the country in popular votes (the most ever for a US President) and a large majority in Electoral College votes (not even close) don’t they understand?

Also; what part of losing even more ground in the Senate (including the loss of Daschle) and in the House of Representatives don’t they equally understand?

On Americans of the Left who claimed Bush stole the election in 2000:

He certainly didn’t steal it now.

On the media gurus who are twisting their brains in knots trying to explain the huge Bush victory:

Perhaps it was no more complicated than a majority of Americans who trusted Bush more than they trusted Kerry.

On the Leftists and media gurus who give the Evangelical Right full credit for Bush’s victory:

I’m a Jewish Atheist in support of Gay Rights, a Woman’s Right to Choose and Stem-Cell research who would have voted for Bush if I could have. Hardly the definition of an Evangelical.

I assure you that millions of Americans who voted for Bush didn’t fit the Evangelical profile.

On America being more divided than ever:

Which real democracy is not divided along political and social ideologies? Yet; touch one American and you touch 280 million Americans. Ask Osama.

And to my smug anti-Bush and anti-USA Canadian co-nationals:

Who’s more divided than Canada?

On Yasser Arafat’s death watch:

Hurry up. I can’t wait to write the eulogy.

On John Edward’s wife’s breast cancer:

As much as I feel for her and those who love her. If I was the doctor, or amongst the doctors treating her, I’d have John Edwards who became stinking rich ($50 million) by suing the medical establishment, sign a promise not to sue under any circumstances if things don’t necessarily go well.

Edwards is a big part of the reason why American women who aren’t rich, famous, or married to someone rich or famous can’t afford proper medical care like his wife is receiving.

On the European leaders who were so certain Kerry would clean Bush’s clock:

Just like their concept of doing what is morally right in the world; they were wrong about the outcome of this election too.

On Americans who are applying to come to Canada so as not to live in the USA under a Bush Presidency:

Perhaps we can trade citizenships even-up. They can have our (Anne and myself) Canadian passports in exchange for their US passports.

Sometimes the Right side wins.

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  1. Howard – you have it wrong – words can’t begin to express OUR gratitude. Hang in there. I start my 8th decade in two months. Things do not get easier – completing normal duties take a bit longer now than they did ten years ago. I suppose that time will increase more rapidly as I age – but I will keep trying to the last. Our best to you and yours.

    Chuck & Sue Nelson

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