The Death Of Arafat Will Be A Reason For The World To Celebrate.

I couldn't care less how this prick is remembered, as long as he's dead, and his influence can no longer cause the misery that is his true legacy.

By the time I finish writing this (October 28, 2004 – 2:00pm), Arafat might already be dead. That is with a little luck.

No public individual I am aware of, has ever enjoyed such notoriety and privilege by doing nothing positive than has Yasser Arafat. In a world governed by real justice, Arafat would have been sentenced to life in prison for crimes committed against humanity.

Arafat, the Egyptian born father of modern day TERRORISM has incited his people to destroy themselves, their children and their grandchildren. And he has cursed them to live as pariahs in self imposed “refugee” camps.

In addition to being the worst thing that could have ever happened to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, he has more than enough innocent blood on his hands to include him in the ranks of mass murderers: the likes of Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Nicolae Ceausescu – etcetera.

Even though Arafat’s trademark military garb has become synonymous with his warrior image, I am aware of no records that show Arafat has ever led or participated in battles of liberation or any other kind.

As far as I know, Arafat’s bravery was restricted to sending other people to fight, maim, murder and die. When it came to Arafat’s ass, he was never seen at the front.

When Arafat had the chance to show the world that he could be a brave warrior during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon to get him out, he ran like a scared school-girl. As a matter of fact and history, Arafat spent a good time of his life running and hiding when he was at risk.

Now that his final days are approaching. At least I hope they’re approaching. The world is showing great concern for the sick Palestinian leader. Even senior ranking Israeli officials have said they will do whatever they can to provide medical attention for “Mr” Arafat if they’re asked. “MISTER” Arafat?

I watched the live feed from Ramallah on CNN as the constant traffic of Palestinian legislators drove into Arafat’s compound to be with their leader.

What impressed me most, was not their concern for Arafat, but rather the type of vehicles they were driving. I saw no shortage of BMW’s and Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Not bad for the leaders of a failed economy where more people don’t work than do.

And I’m thinking: These Bastards are crying poverty as the UN pours billions of dollars into the Palestinian Authority. Canada has spent almost half a BILLION dollars propping up this misery (my tax dollars at work). And these do-nothing Arafat sycophants are showing up in their luxury automobiles.

The next time I hear about how the so-called Palestinians don’t have enough money for Palestinian schools, Palestinian hospitals, paychecks for Palestinian police officers, and maintenance for their basic infrastructure, I will think of the long line of expensive luxury cars driven by the Palestinian political elite to Arafat’s death-watch.

The world is now worried about the potential for civil war amongst the Palestinians after this murderous Bastard finally croaks. Why worry? Civil war, murder and mayhem are who they are. It is their Palestinian hallmark.

Wherever they’ve been on this planet, including Jordan and Lebanon, the Palestinians have brought nothing but pain, misery and death.

Why should the world which has been propping up these thugs all of a sudden be surprised that they will probably erupt into internecine conflict, where they will lay waste to each other to fill the vacuum that will be left by the death of Arafat?

Arafat is a murderer. He is the killer of children and the destroyer of dreams. He is a coward who sends others and their children to their deaths. Arafat is a thief. He has stolen and misappropriated billions of dollars from his own people. Money given to him by the world in good faith for the benefit of his suffering masses who he cheated.

But the world will mourn the passing of this very little man whose hands, even in death will drip with the blood of the innocents he sent to their graves. Politicians will send their heartfelt condolences over his death. And world leaders will either attend his funeral or send their representatives.

He will be eulogized by many as a great man of the 20th century, who led his people towards freedom and statehood. This is the way of the world. And that’s why the world is in the mess it’s in today.

But frankly; I couldn’t care less how this prick is remembered, as long as he’s dead, and his influence can no longer cause the misery that is his true legacy.

And as for the Palestinian people turning on each other: Better they should tear each other apart, than tear apart innocent Israelis while the Palestinians continue to sucker the world into their pathetic existence based upon lies and self imposed misery.

The world will be a much better place without the likes of Yasser Arafat to pollute the pool of humanity. When the time finally comes to bury Arafat. IT WILL BE GOOD RIDDANCE!

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  1. I wish you all the best in whatever choices you make — and again, Thank You for being the voice for so many who agree with you 100%. My wife and I are facing a similar choice, having to move off the acreage we developed over the past 20-some years as we can no longer maintain it properly due to our ages. It is not an easy choice to leave the place you built and love so much. God Bless you and Anne in your new “adventures”.

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