The Consistencies Of John Kerry

WE ALL UNDERSTAND HIM. And for some convoluted reason, that seems to be a bad thing in the minds of the Bush-haters.

The pundits and Bush-haters love to show how poorly the command the President has of the English language. They also love to illustrate how he screws up words, places and names.

But what they can not accuse the President of, is saying things he does not mean. And not meaning the things he says.

And more than that. No one can suggest that what the President says isn’t clearly understandable. That’s part of the problem the Democrats, the Leftists and the enemies of modernity have with George W Bush. They understand him.

WE ALL UNDERSTAND HIM. And for some convoluted reason, that seems to be a bad thing in the minds of the Bush-haters.

During the first debate, Kerry mentioned in his closing statement that America’s decision to go to war must pass the “GLOBAL TEST”. Now that’s pretty clear to me. But, according to Kerry and his handlers, that’s not really what he meant.

Sure it’s what he meant, or he wouldn’t have said it.

In a stump speech before the last “debate”, Kerry spoke about reducing the war on TERRORISM to the level of a “NUISANCE” akin to illegal gambling and prostitution.

And when pressed on this idiotic comparison, he and his handlers said: that was not what he really meant.

Sure it’s what he meant, or he wouldn’t have said it.

But during the last debate, for some unfathomable reason, Kerry brought up the fact that Vice President Cheney’s daughter was a Lesbian. And he mentioned her by name. For what purpose would he point a finger at the Vice President’s daughter?

I’m surprised that he (Kerry) didn’t talk about the Bush twins having a drinking problem.

And even more than that, one of the most compelling health problems facing America is obesity. Therefore; Kerry should have mentioned that his running mate’s (John Edwards) wife Elizabeth has a really fat ass.

If speaking about the Cheney daughter’s sexual orientation is fair game. Than speaking about Edwards’ wife’s fat ass should be too.

Anyone who heard Kerry’s remarks about Cheney’s daughter should be outraged. Just as outraged as they should have been when Edwards brought it up in his debate against the Vice President. Not only were the two individual comments inappropriate, they were reprehensible.

And now Kerry is saying that his remarks about Cheney’s Lesbian daughter were somehow supportive. And to add to the insult; Edwards’ wife Elizabeth (with the fat ass) came to Kerry’s defense by accusing Lynn Cheney of being embarrassed of her daughter’s sexual orientation.

It’s interesting how the Left are always accusing the Conservatives of fighting in the dirt. But I don’t see how it can get much dirtier than attacking the child of a candidate.

For all the people who will be voting for Kerry, remember who is always re-explaining himself. Clarifying what he “REALLY” meant. Thinks that TERRORISM should be reduced to a “NUISANCE” like illegal gambling and prostitution. Thinks the safety and security of the United States (and the world) should pass the “GLOBAL TEST” before the President takes action. Talks about his many plans without ever explaining them. And who attacked whose daughter.

This will be the man you want to send to the White House for four years. Think about it.

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  1. Wow – My sentiments exactly – If the liberals win I will be replacing my PC sign with a for-sale sign.
    I am looking at Alberta/Sask.

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