Truth, Accuracy And Integrity In The Media – What Is An Oxymoron?

The pity with all of this, is that most people don't trust the politicians and what they say, while these same people take what the media has to say as the Gospel truth.

Since the last two debates between Bush and Kerry, and the single debate between Cheney and Edwards, the holier-than-thou media is all over the claims and statements each candidate has made.

All of a sudden: truth, accuracy and ethics in what a candidate says is the new media Holy Grail. This is incredibly remarkable, coming from an industry that routinely sacrifices truth and integrity on the alter of personal opinion and audience expedience.

There are more examples than I could ever list of media bias, slants and outright lies, let alone the ones I can’t remember. But all I have to do, to list outright media distortions is include the egregious way the media distorts and lies about the Middle East concerning Israel in its hour of need, and its battle for survival.

But; I’ll point to just one very special example: MICHAEL MOORE.

Moore is not a DOCUMENTARIST as he and the Hollywood Left would have us believe. Michael Moore is a PROPAGANDIST.

His “documentaries” are more akin to “docudramas”. And the truth be told, they are simply his own editorials on his conspiracy theories.

Even by Moore’s admission, he injects his own personal beliefs and fictional events into his “documentaries”, as he did for his Oscar winning “Bowling For Columbine”.

I’m not using this editorial to wail at Michael Moore. Not to say he doesn’t deserve a good old fashioned verbal ass-kicking. I’m using it to condemn the media who have given Moore a “Green Light-Pass” for his biased and factually flawed productions that carry so much political and social influence.

Michael Moore is not just a writer, director and producer who turns out movies for pleasure and profit. Michael Moore is no less political in his own way, than are the two men who are running for the Presidency of the USA.

But; unlike Bush and Kerry, Moore is the media’s untouchable golden boy.

Immediately after all three television debates, the television media went into anti-spin mode, and had “fact-checkers” analyze and correct statements made by both candidates. This is a good thing.

But, it is also hypocritical coming from the media that has its own biases, and refuses to check the facts made by one of its most favorite of sons; Michael Moore.

I know that the candidates and their political accomplices lie. I can’t imagine too many people who don’t know this. And it’s refreshing when they’re publicly held to account for their lies and distortions.

But, what about the media? Who’s checking them and their favorites? And why should they get a free pass in the “truth and fairness department”?

The FCC is all over political correctness like flies to manure. God forbid if someone should say something untoward on the radio. Or worse yet, speak about implicit sexual behavior. The FCC is now contemplating half million dollar fines for the guilty parties; including the on-air talent.

Talk about censorship!

But; when it comes to lying, distorting and withholding news information by the big networks – bubkahs.

It appears there is no penalty for peddling lies and one sided news in the media.

Make no mistake about my feelings for Howard Stern and people like him. He is the scum I would wipe off the bottom of my feet. But at least he’s honest scum. He isn’t telling his listeners about important news events that are either lies, distortions or half truths, as the politically correct media does all the time.

If Howard Stern’s broadcasters were fined for his off color remarks, and he was taken off the air by Clear Channel as a result; what should have been the penalty to Dan Rather for broadcasting, and then defending a lie that turned out to be a forgery?

All I’ve seen and heard about Rather’s HUGE lie, was guys from his “broadcast old boy’s club” like Brokaw and Jennings for example, who came out in his defense.

While it is true that CNN and FOX News went after Rather relentlessly, it is also true that it had more to do with killing a wounded competitor, than it did with righting a wrong.

It is indeed a pity that the media doesn’t have a panel after each one of their news and current affairs broadcasts, to verify the truth and accuracy for what they say, as they do for what the candidates have to say.

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  1. I’ve read your articles for several years now. I forwarded most, and recommended you to all of my conservative friends here. We are equally concerned that thanks to the liberals, and their voting idiots, that the USA is in equal trouble as you there in Canada. However, we live in the great state of Texas that will never fall to the same demise as the federal government. We can and will secede first. We welcome you and yours with open arms, oh yea, the horses and guns too!!!!! Come on down.

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