Concordia Will Have Us Believe They’re Heros.

I know first hand, what the difference is between doing what has to be done, because it's the right thing to do in the face of threats, and abject cowardice.

Yesterday’s editorial (October 7, 2004), that dealt with the cowardice of Concordia University’s decision to block former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak from speaking on-campus, as a result of Islamist, Arab and pro Palestinian threats, received a great deal of responses.

The letter that I received which made the greatest impression on me, came not from one of my regular readers, but rather from a spokesman from Concordia.

What he sent to me was a form letter explaining how Concordia had acted in everyone’s best security interests by offering to move Barak’s address far away from the campus.

From the tone of his form letter, you’d have to believe Concordia should receive a prize for protecting Montreal from what could have been a security catastrophe had the University not shown such foresight and courage in stopping Barak from speaking on-campus.

In 1995, the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists almost stole a referendum, and came less than a percentage point away from killing Canada.

One third of this near Separatist success was due partly as the result of Québécois lies, bullying and cheating.

Another third of this Separatist near success was the responsibility of a federal government, who for decades refused to stand up to Québécois intimidation.

The last third was the capitulation of the English and Ethnic communities who appeased the racist bullies in the interests of Bourassa’s often claimed “protection for the social peace”.

As a result of decades of gutless appeasement from Ottawa, the other 9 provinces, and Quebec’s linguistic minorities, Canada will most probably not survive as it was envisioned in 1867. I believe that Canada will fall apart before the end of this decade. It’s happening now.

There are far more graphic examples of the cost of cowardice and appeasement. Nazi Germany being the most extreme.

In 1995, I, along with two friends, decided to take-on the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists and the federal, English and Ethnic appeasers. I was not going to let these “BASTARDS” take away my RIGHT to be equal and visible without a fight.


I had no problem with the Separatists, since they were absolutely on the wrong side of FREEDOM and EQUALITY. My problem was with the federal government and the “Anglo” apologists who tried to block me, and others like me at every turn.

Whenever they could, the English appeasers, and English media, especially the Montreal Gazette and the CBC, painted me, and others like me, as hardliners and extremists.

There were plenty of threats against myself, my wife, our horses and our property. And I can tell you, there were years of sleepless nights.

I can tell you, that the cost of personal security, which ran around $100,000, in addition to the other tens of thousands of dollars my wife and I spent to fight the good fight, almost bankrupted us.

I can tell you, that when our money ran out, and we had a choice to either continue financing court cases and the fight for Equal Rights for people we never met, and will never meet, or lay off our staff; the battle against ethnocentric Québécois nationalism won-out over our staff.

I can tell you, that when we no longer had the money to pay for security, we would come home from wherever we happened to be, with our hearts in our stomachs, just praying no one harmed our animals.

The threats we lived with weren’t make-believe. They were serious, to the point, that four levels of police kept us on a personal high alert. And this went on for several years, until some members of the community started to donate money to help us in a battle that was in everyone’s best interest for me to fight and win.

I am telling you this, not to win your sympathy or appreciation. But, if my wife and I could live with the constant threat of violence hanging over our heads, and still do the right thing: where does Concordia come-off playing the role of hero for their cowardly act?

Even the people who worked for us, and had no direct involvement in this battle, had the courage to stay-the-course, knowing that their lives were in danger as collateral damage in the very possible event of an attack.

But Concordia has shown nothing but contemptible cowardice. And to compound the insult of their gutless decision to run away from Jew-hating thugs, by making it appear that they were doing a service to the community, is way over the top.

During my fight with ethnocentric Québécois nationalists, I went wherever I could to effectively take the fight to them. I led a huge number of street demonstrations. I spoke on French radio and on French television deep in the heart of Separatist areas of Quebec. And no matter how frightened I was, I never wavered.

I would not be a capitulator, an appeaser or a coward; who, like Concordia, tried to spin an act of cowardice into some kind of noble deed.

As I’ve said many times in the past. Anne and I left Quebec, not because we couldn’t deal with the ethnocentric Québécois nationalists. But rather; because we couldn’t deal with the Anglo/Ethnic appeasers.

What Concordia has done with Barak, just like they did with Netanyahu, in depriving both former Israeli Prime Minister’s the right to speak and be heard, is a despicable act of cowardice compounded only by their insulting spin, that what they did, was the brave thing to do.

I know first hand, what the difference is between doing what has to be done, because it’s the right thing to do in the face of threats, and abject cowardice.

The leaders of Concordia are no heros. And their decision to ban Free Speech is something they will carry in shame forever, whether they believe it or not.

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  1. Well, you certainly don’t owe anything to anybody. Good luck to your and Anne’s plans for your future.

    Morton Bodanis
    Montreal, Quebec

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