Some Of The Many Fundamental Differences Between Canada And The USA

In the United States of America, the FIRST AMENDMENT guarantees FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the RIGHT for all people to be heard.

Because of my enthusiastic support for so many things American, some of my Leftist “pissed-off” Canadian readers want to know why I just don’t up and leave for the USA.

I can clearly state that this is a serious consideration of my wife and myself. I am ever increasingly embarrassed and disappointed by Canada’s irrelevance.

In Canada; it seems that the RIGHT of the individual is second only to the RIGHT of the majority. And we Canadians call this democracy.

A perfect example of this includes the RIGHT of the province of Quebec to subjugate the linguistic and cultural RIGHTS of the English and Ethnic minorities, who do not have the RIGHT to be equal and visible on a par with the French speaking majority.

In the USA, there was a revolution fought and won to give victory to the concept of individual RIGHTS and protection from government excesses. It is a cornerstone in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Americans also fought a bloody civil war that decided, once and for all time, that the RIGHTS of all people must be equal, and that all States must participate equally in the fabric of the United States, without one State having a Constitutional advantage over any other State.

This is a concept that is alien to Canadian thinking.

I keep asking my Liberal friends who are becoming fewer all the time, since most of them have taken a turn to the Right as I have: What does Canada stand for? And the answer is always the same: they can’t answer. So they embark upon a stream of useless and meaningless platitudes usually ending up with the glory of universal healthcare.

In the United States of America, the FIRST AMENDMENT guarantees FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the RIGHT for all people to be heard.

This past week in Montreal, the RIGHT of freedom of speech for Jewish (and other) Concordia University students has been smothered by the threat of violence from Arab, Islamist provocateurs and Palestinian apologists.

The incident to which I am referring, is Concordia’s decision not to allow Israel’s former Prime Minister, Ehud Barak, the RIGHT to speak on campus, as the invited guest of a University Jewish group, simply because of the potential for violence at the hands of Arabs, Islamists and Palestinian apologists.

Therefore; in what has become a truly Canadian tradition, we punish the victim so as not to provoke the victimizer, even when it boils down to subjugating FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

But this isn’t the University’s precedent.

Last year, a speech to be delivered by another former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was canceled at the last second when a similar, if not the same group of Jew-hating thugs rioted in protest.

That was the first victory of the thugs. This time around, only the threat was sufficient to turn the knees of the University “brain-trust” to jelly.

When I led the Quebec Political Action Committee, and demanded that national retail stores in Quebec post English language signs in predominantly English speaking communities, even as allowed by the unfair racist restrictions imposed by the Quebec government’s language (cultural) law; the former Premier of Quebec, Daniel Johnson, telephoned me to ask me not to make this demand, because in his words: It would endanger the social peace and be a provocation.

Imagine: Here I was, just a non political Canadian asking for retailers to post English language signs as was “permitted” by the racist government of Quebec. And a former purportedly federalist Quebec Premier asks me not to, because it would be a provocation to ask for even less than equal RIGHTS as the law allowed.

I told him where to get off.

This has become the mind-set of Canada, as is currently reflected in the decision to ban FREEDOM OF SPEECH from a University campus, because of threats from Jew-hating thugs.

In the United States of America, if need be, the National Guard would be called out to guarantee the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. But Canada is not the United States.

Canada has become a country of gutless leaders, who have perfected the art of presenting cowardice as an honorable moderate position akin to civilized behavior, while at the same time, removing from the Canadian psyche, the courage to stand up for what is RIGHT, as is integral to the protection and promotion of democracy.

So the next time I ask my Leftist critics: What does Canada stand for? I will be able to provide the answer for them.

Canada stands for the subjugation of:




And the obeisance to cave under threat from thugs.

That’s what Canada stands for!

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  1. Well you have reduced us all to trying to attract you to our states. I put a bid in for you to come to Utah. We are conservative , beautiful ,wonderful and low taxes. For now!!!!! We moved here from a blue state 10 years ago and we love it!

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