The NDP – A Great Reason Why Americans Should Be Thankful Not To Be Canadians.

And here's where the NDP once more outdoes itself in the absolutely stupid department.

When I think the New Democratic Party of Canada, these throwbacks to Communism, can’t be less relevant and more absurd. They never fail to outdo themselves.

Normally, I wouldn’t give them or anything they say as much as comma on this Web Site, other than to ridicule them for whatever they’ve done or said that is always very deserving of scorn.

Several perfect examples include:

I wrote about Svend Robinson, the convicted Gay jewelry thief, and former External Affairs Critic for the NDP who went to the Middle East to show his support for the TERRORIST murderer Yasser Arafat, and his disdain for the Democratic State of Israel.

I also wrote briefly about the NDP’s official policy on Canadian National Unity: to recognize Quebec, not only as a Distinct Society, but more than that, as a Nation within Canada.

There’s lots more, but not worth my time and this space. But the following takes the entire cake.

A few days ago, according to the National Post Newspaper; 25 NDP Arab/Moslem apologists sent a scathing letter to Jack Layton condemning two NDP Members of Parliament for accepting a free trip to Israel; courtesy of the Canada/Israel Committee.

The two NDP Members of Parliament were free to go wherever they wanted in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Speak to whomever they wanted. And draw their very own conclusions about the conflict in the Middle East.

Isn’t that what democracy and freedom of information is all about?

Not to the NDP 25. To them, this was an outrage. And even more outrageous was that Jack Layton, the NDP leader wouldn’t respond to their letter of outrage.

So, as not to be shut-out, the NDP 25 sent a letter to Al Jazeera, the Arab/Moslem Web Site based in the USA, not to be confused with Al Jazeera the Arab/Moslem cable news provider.

It’s hard not to confuse them though, since both media spew anti-Semitism and a hatred for Israel. This is where the NDP 25 brought their outrage.

This got the attention of Jack Layton.

And here’s where the NDP once more outdoes itself in the absolutely stupid department.

Instead of telling these 25 Schmucks where to get off. Layton apologizes to them. Tells everyone who will listen how the NDP’s Middle East Policy has not changed. And how Israel is violating Palestinian rights with the wall. Yada yada yada.

But that’s not where it ends.

Layton then goes on to tell all members of the NDP, including elected NDP Members of Parliament, that they can not go to Israel without the permission of the NDP Party.

But this still isn’t it.

According to an article in the Friday, October 1, 2004 issue of the National Post on page 5, in the front section of the newspaper on the left hand corner; Layton will now “consult” with Moslem members before he approves NDP travel to Israel.

Now, if that’s not out of this world bananas – Nothing is!

Will Jack Layton ask the Shiites for permission? Or will he ask the Sunnis? And which Shiites or Sunnis? Should he include Moslem women in his request, since many Moslems think women should have no standing, much less an opinion?

Should he be asking Canadian citizen Moslems? Or should he have a large tent and open his request to all Moslems? Should there be a Moslem vote? Or should Layton rely on a Fatwa issued by an Imam?

What is remarkable about these truly Canadian idiots, is how many people vote for them: INCLUDING JEWS.

If you’re an American reading this, and you think I’m joking or making any of this up, just think of Ralph Nader, and then think of a whole national Party of Ralph Naders, but only many times worse.

Sort of makes you happy not to be a Canadian eh?

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  1. Move down to Texas. We would love having another conservative here. I can speak for Dallas you rarely see cowboy hats or boots in the city. Those you do see in D-Town are fake cowboys. The real ones are in the rural areas. Lots of jobs and great weather here.

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