The Simple Case Against Islam.

Where are the worldwide threats and organized TERROR groups from the Christians, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Jews and any other religion other than Islam?

The Islamic state of Nigeria is constantly in a flux of civil unrest where the violent deaths of its people is routine.

Sudan is forever at civil war with their Christian and Animist populations, where mass genocide and displacement of non Moslems is a way of life. And, where Arab Moslems murder Black Moslems with impunity.

Albania and Bosnia are knee deep in their own version of pro Moslem Ethnic Cleansing.

Russia is being rocked by Islamic TERRORIST attacks by Chechen Moslems.

As I write this, 322 people (mostly children) were murdered by Moslem TERRORISTS in their school. Two Russian civilian aircraft were (almost simultaneously) blown out of the sky. And there was a slaughter of Russian civilians on their public transport. All at the hands of Moslems. All within one week.

India is at constant alert for Moslem TERRORIST attacks from Pakistan.

Afghanistan is Afghanistan. What else can one say?

Indonesia, the world’s most populated Moslem country exists on a tinter-box of Islamism, where Moslem TERRORISTS murdered 202 people, and wounded 209 others (mostly Australians) on October 12, 2002 in Bali.

The Philippines are in a state of undeclared war, where Moslems are doing their best to unseat the Christian population and democratically elected government.

Then there’s the entire Middle East. Where do you start?

The United States of America has been attacked by Moslems domestically, on the high seas, and at two of their East African Embassies, all of which resulted in the murder and wounding of thousands.

Spain has been attacked (railway bombing) by Moslems in March 2004 with the murder of about 200 innocents.

Israel is in open warfare against Islamic TERRORISTS. And has been, long before the UN recognized Israel as a state.

And there’s more!

During the Second World War, Islam allied itself with Nazi Germany to defeat democracy and murder Jews. The Islamic Fascist leader was Arafat’s uncle. It runs in the family.

France is being threatened by Moslems because France has ordered that the Hijab can not be worn in France’s public school system. But neither can other religious symbols from all religions. Only the Moslems have threatened violence.

Madrases: Islamic schools are hotbeds for fundamentalist indoctrination where young boys are taught to hate modernity, democracy, equal rights for women, the West, the USA, Israel and Jews.

Young Moslem boys and girls are taught that it is a great thing to “martyr” oneself in the act of murdering non Moslems (suicide murderers), while the murder of Moslems as collateral damage is somehow acceptable.

So-called moderate Arab countries like Saudi Arabia finance the hatred, help promote it in the Madrases, and export it to keep it from their own lands.

The USA is in a virtual state of security lock-down because of the REAL THREAT of Islamic TERROR, costing the Americans billions of dollars that could and should be spent on social services, or not spent at all.

Every Western country including Canada (which is friendly to the Arabs and Moslems), have their own Moslem TERRORIST cells and Moslem TERRORIST financial supporters.

One of several questions that must be asked is:

Where are the worldwide threats and organized TERROR groups from the Christians, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Jews and any other religion other than Islam?

The other more pertinent question that must be asked is:

What part of Islam is a great religion of peace, love, inclusion, and respect for diversity?

And the most important question that must be asked:

Where is the huge Islamic outcry against this hateful and murderous expression of Islam?

Where are the MILLIONS out of more than 1 BILLION Moslem voices who should condemn without reservation, all of the hatred espoused by the purveyors of Islam, who lead their Jihad against all that is not Moslem?

The silence of the Islamic world against what is happening in the name of Islam, Mohammed and Allah is deafening.

Islam is no religion of peace, love, inclusion, and respect for diversity. And until someone can really prove otherwise. Not through words. But by deeds. The preceding is my simple case against Islam.

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