Girlie-Men Democrats

You might not like Bush and his team. But Bush's team are RED MEAT politicians. Kerry's team are GIRLIE-MEN.

The Democrats are “freaking-out” over the Republican Convention.

It’s mean spirited! It’s angry! It’s red-meat politics (that’s my personal favorite)! And it’s PERSONAL! So scream the Liberals and the Democrats.


Of course it’s mean spirited. Why shouldn’t the Republicans give back in kind to the Democrats for the way their two not so arms-length surrogates; Michael Moore and Move On Dot Org have been slandering George W Bush?

Of course its red-meat politics. This campaign isn’t about who’s going to be the king of the senior prom. EVERYTHING’S at stake with this election. I know that Kerry wants to highlight his ability to ski, play hockey, para-sail, ride a motorcycle – etc.

But campaigning to become the President of the USA and the Free World is a bit more than just a popularity contest.

Of course it’s personal. Kerry’s campaigning on his war record of three decades ago; that upon closer scrutiny might not be all that it’s been cracked-up to be, while Kerry’s people do their best to paint him as a Vietnam hero in comparison to Bush’s questionable military service.

I absolutely loved it when California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told the Democrats (September 1, 2004) during his Convention speech to stop acting like “GIRLIE-MEN” in reference to their hysteria concerning how they see the emerging economy of the USA.

Schwarzenegger should have saved that line for the even more hysterical response from the Democrats and the media to Zel Miller and Dick Cheney’s speeches last night (September 1, 2004), when they accused the Democrats of endangering the security of the USA in their zealous attempt to bring down a presidency.

To hear CNN, many other broadcasters and the Democrats, you’d have thought Miller and Cheney accused the Democrats of funding Al Qaeda, while in all honesty, what they said is what I and many others also believe to be true.

There is no question in my mind, that getting rid of George W Bush, is the Democrats highest priority above all else. And it has become perverse.

The problem with the democrats has very little to do with the hard words and aggressive campaign of the Republicans. It is within the Democrats themselves.

KERRY’S ELECTION CAMPAIGN STINKS! And all the finger-pointing GIRLIE-MEN hysterics of the Democrats will not change that.

America and the Free World will do much better without Kerry the GIRLIE-MAN in the White House.

You might not like Bush and his team. But Bush’s team are RED MEAT politicians. Kerry’s team are GIRLIE-MEN.

Which team do you want standing up to the enemies of western civilization? RED MEAT EATERS or GIRLIE-MEN?

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  1. Howard. Have you ever been a police officer? I believe my husband deserves every penny that he has received in wages and is now retired with a decent pension . Like the old saying goes…..walk a mile in someone elses shoes.
    Even though I don’t agree with everything our provincial government has done, we won’t give up and turn our back. Our children are counting on us.
    Arlene Burch, Haliburton, and proudly from Ontario Canada.

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