How The Left Picks And Chooses The Truth.

You'd imagine that Kerry and his Left of Center supporters would cheer to have his military exploits made bigger than life.

It’s amazing how the political Left throws all caution to the wind, when one of their champions makes an outlandish claim: Truth be damned.

Michael Moore made all kinds of outlandish claims about President George W Bush; most of which were based upon his own opinions and embellishments of events taken out of context.

Nonetheless however; to the Leftist Bush haters, Moore’s latest one-sided dramatization (Fahrenheit 911) tells it exactly the way it is. Even if it’s mostly not the way it is at all.

Senator John Kerry has staked his bid to become President; not on his 20 year Senate record, but on his Vietnam war record.

According to the Left, Kerry’s war record should be kept from the debate. Except for the medals.

To the Leftists, Kerry went overseas. He fought as a commander of a Swift Boat or two. He was wounded three times (3 Purple Hearts). And he received the Bronze Star and the Silver Star. Kerry’s a war hero. End of story.

But wait just one minute.

Is Kerry a war hero simply because Kerry says he’s a war hero? Or, is there another side? And doesn’t Kerry’s war record bear some scrutiny since he is staking his whole Presidential campaign on it, just as he used it to win the Democratic Party nomination?

You’d imagine that Kerry and his Left of Center supporters would cheer to have his military exploits made bigger than life. So why are they off bounds to the Conservatives?

I know that Michael Moore is a liar. He’s admitted it. But that doesn’t stop Moore’s supporters from accepting his distortions as some form of political Holy Grail.

During Kerry’s stump speeches, he surrounded himself with a few of his former Swift Boat crew members who are living testimony to Kerry’s courage and determination under fire. And that’s enough for the Left.

But; when more than 200 Swift Boat crew members and commanders who fought in the same theatre as John Kerry, some on his boat most on other boats in the same battles, state that Kerry’s a liar, a fraud, and less than heroic; the Left are all over them like flies to manure.

Why is it that a few crew members of Kerry’s boat(s) are believed beyond question? But; more than a couple of hundred Kerry detractors are considered to be liars, Conservative stooges, and people with a grudge against Kerry; including all of his past commanding officers?

I won’t delve into the charges made against John Kerry, since I can’t imagine anyone reading this, who isn’t already aware of them. But I will explore how it is possible for men and women who claim to be so passionate about defending Democracy (Leftists), who can be so biased and blind to charges, that if true, should disqualify Kerry from sitting in the Senate, let alone the White House.

Say what you will about George W Bush. He campaigned to win the White House in the 2000 campaign based on what his ideas were for America. He never made claims about himself other than to unequivocally state what he stood for.

In this sense, it was easy to attack Bush in his first campaign for the Presidency. He laid it all out. You knew from the get-go what rang Bush’s bell and what didn’t. And now that he’s campaigning for a repeat, there are even less things left unknown about George W Bush then there were his first time out.

But; what about John Kerry?

His 20 year stint in the Senate is less than remarkable. As far as it shows, Kerry was the invisible Senator. By choice, he’s staying away from his Senate record. And by choice, he’s pumping up his 4 month Vietnam war record.

If Kerry’s war record should be unassailable, shouldn’t the last 3 and a half years of Bush’s Presidency be unassailable too (except for the successes)? Let’s just forget about the war in Iraq and Bush’s aircraft carrier landing with the sign that said: Mission Accomplished.


I like Bush’s record. I like the fact that he declared war on Islamists and other assorted TERRORISTS. I like the fact that he’s sided with Israel against all the Bastards who would sell their daughters to destroy the Jewish State.

I like the fact that Bush more or less told the schmucks at the UN where to get off; including France and Germany for good measure.

I like that Bush is cutting taxes and thumbing his nose at the do-nothing do-gooders. I like the fact that the American economy, in-spite of everything, but because of Bush’s tax policies is roaring like a tiger. It carries Canada’s economy along with it.

I don’t like Bush’s faith based politics, his Gay Rights Constitutional challenge, or his policy against a Woman’s Right to Choose. But those are issues that will be dealt with beyond the White House.

Mostly; I like George W Bush’s straight talk and stubbornness. Like when he says: “I say what I mean. And I mean what I say”.

Now let’s go back to John Kerry. Does he say what he means and mean what he says?

I don’t know if more than 200 American former Vietnam fighting men, including all of John Kerry’s senior officers are liars when they speak so badly of him. But don’t you think it is important that we find out?

It has just become public that Kerry was busy fraternizing with the enemy in Paris, not once, but twice, while he was still under uniform, but no longer in active duty, while his former comrades were still fighting, bleeding and dying in the Jungles of Vietnam.

Kerry explains that it was part of his peace initiative to end the war. Jane Fonda tried to end the war as well, by siding with the enemy. She became the Communist’s equivalent to Tokyo Rose. In her case, it was Hanoi Jane.

What was Kerry’s equivalent – Lord Ha Ha?

It’s hard to respect a political group (Leftists) which hero-worships a self-declared liar (Michael Moore), and refuses to entertain the thought that more than 200 men, including Kerry’s senior officers are perhaps telling the truth.

The Conservatives are lucky. At least they know who they’re going to be voting for and why.

The Democrats on the other hand, seem to be happy to be voting for smoke and mirrors.

Ain’t Democracy grand?

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  1. With all the scandals the Ont. Libs are up in the polls. Almost none of the billions wasted or wrongs done are reported; Ornge, Green, now MaRS. The OPP, with 2 investigations of the premiere, says don’t vote for her opposition – thanks for an 8% pay raise? Voter ID: NDP and fed Libs went crazy when Conservatives suggesting new voter ID regs (even a library card would be accepted). Its a PC world, and it will be the end of us. Moving south won’t make a difference: more of the same and more.

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