Robinson (The Thief) Suffered Too Much Already.

He stole a piece of jewelry. This makes him a thief. And as a thief, he should have been punished. Just like anyone else.

I read in this morning’s National Post (Saturday, August 7, 2004), that Svend Robinson was more or less let-off with a slap on the wrist for his crime of stealing a ring from an auction-house.

In his ruling; the judge stated that Robinson had suffered enough, simply through his embarrassment and the loss of his political stature and seat in Parliament. He also made mention of Svend Robinson’s many accomplishments and contributions (without naming any) through his 25 year career as a member of Parliament.

Hence: the slap on the wrist.

In my not-so humble opinion: it’s the judge who needs a slap.

Here is the real story.

Robinson has made no noteworthy contributions to society as a Member of Parliament for the 25 years he fed at the public trough, other than to “out” himself as a Gay man.

Big deal! So he’s a homosexual. La-di-da. Now doesn’t that make a huge difference in the Canadian condition?

Robinson’s other noteworthy “accomplishments” have been US-bashing, business-bashing, and Jew-bashing in Israel. Stuff legends are made of.

In terms of “sacrifice”. I wish to God I was a Canadian Member of Parliament for 25 years.

I would have been paid exceptionally well for doing not much more than to sit on my ass, travel for free when I wanted to, attend stuff-shirt cocktail parties with the movers and groovers of our society, have a tax-free expense account, a small army of personal servants; and after just 6 years in office, be eligible to collect an indexed pension for the rest of my life, that is in many cases greater income, than the net income earned by many Canadian workers.

Did I mention that a Member of Parliament also gets the whole summer off, starting in early Spring; ending in late Autumn?

And then there’s the Christmas and Easter breaks. What a tough job!

And now that he’s out of office, Svend should win the Order of Canada for his “tremendous” sacrifice.

Oh! Just in case you didn’t know. Being a Member of Parliament does not prevent you from having a day-job at the same time. Like being a consultant or something.

Therefore; for this judge to talk about Svend Robinson’s service to the Canadian people is a joke. It is the Canadian people who have served him.

And just in case the judge needed a little idea about how embarrassed, contrite, and mentally punished Robinson really is; it didn’t stop him from accepting to go on an international trip for Members of Parliament, even though he is no longer a Member of Parliament.

I guess the poor “shattered” dear needed at least one more free ride at the expense of the Canadian taxpayers before he leaves the scene.

While I believe what I just wrote is of interest, it is of no consequence to what Robinson admitted to doing. And should not have been used as an excuse for the judge to let Robinson off.

He stole a piece of jewelry. This makes him a thief. And as a thief, he should have been punished. Just like anyone else.

I don’t suggest that Svend Robinson should have been remanded to a chain gang to serve hard-time. But; at the very least, the judge could have sentenced him to a few months of house-arrest, a fine equaling the value of the ring he stole ($64,500), and a criminal record that would follow him for the rest of his life.

This judge, like too many Canadian judges, created yet another double standard.

Because of who Robinson is, he was treated with white gloves. Yet; if someone else who has no Robinson type prominence, were to have committed the same crime, and appeared before the same judge, the penalty would have been different.

If you ask how I can state this as fact, since we can’t know what this judge might have done in a different circumstance, the answer is easy. The judge in this case stated that he would be lenient on Robinson because of who Robinson was. His sacrifices, accomplishments, years of service – etc.

So, if Svend Robinson wasn’t who Robinson was, it would have been a different story, and a different punishment. And we wonder why the populace has no trust in, and little respect for the justice system.

If you want to know the name of the genius who sat on the bench in judgement of Sven Robinson: his name is Ronald Fratkin. But it really makes little difference who he is, since he is just one of far too many judges who are dazzled by their own brilliance.

What is also sad about this entire episode, is that Robinson is being seen by many on the Left as a victim, rather than a criminal. And sooner or later, he will resurface to once again feed off the public trough in some capacity.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I despise these people: from the judge to Robinson. It just isn’t fair.

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