The Palestinians Are On A Self-Induced Path To Perdition.

It now seems that all that was holding it together, was their propaganda and TERRORIST war against Israel and Jews.

The Palestinians are in full self-destruct.

It was inevitable, that what passes for a country-in-waiting, that is run by thugs, thieves, liars, and murderers, would eventually collapse upon its own weight.

It now seems, that all that was holding it together, was their propaganda and TERRORIST war against Israel and Jews, financed by the UN, EU and Arab states hostile to Israel. Even Canada has sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian hate-fund.

But now that Israel has decided to finally disengage from these horrible people. The Palestinians have to focus upon themselves.

With Israel being in the process of leaving Gaza, Palestinian warlords are going at each other to see who will ultimately be the “accepted” tyrant in that territory.

And with the Israeli Security Fence doing exactly what it was designed to do, the Palestinians have several serious new problems. They are cut off from access to murder Israeli Jews. And they’re cut off from working to earn a livelihood in the Jewish State.

To the very best of my knowledge, Palestine’s two largest industries is accepting charity from the international community and hating Jews. Other than that, a few olive and fig groves don’t a national economy make.

It’s also not as if the Palestinian Authority (Yasser Arafat and his sycophants) have built a better life for the Palestinian people with the international charity they’ve pissed into the bottomless sewer of Palestinian corruption, that has empowered enemies of humanity far more than it contributed to the goodness of mankind.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize that a nation can not be built upon lies and liars. There has to be a vision. Has anyone ever heard any Palestinian say what Palestine was going to be like after it became a nation?

The USA became a Nation based upon the right of individuals to seek out life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness with a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Where all men are created equal. And all people enjoy freedom of speech and association. Where effort is rewarded. And failure is not a disgrace.

Israel was founded on the principle that Jews will make the world a better place for all. Where the sciences, arts, medicine and humanities will be the pillar of a secular Jewish society. The success of this dream is evident in the enormous contributions Israel makes every day to the international human condition.

But other than hating Israel, Jews and teaching lies to children so they can grow up to hate Jews and Israel like their parents; what is the dream of Palestine?

Was Palestine conceived to be just another Arab country in a sea of Arab countries where tyranny rules? If so, of what use will it be to humanity?

For the first time since 1967, the Palestinians have to be accountable for themselves. And they can’t do it.

They’ve made a mess of the infrastructure the Israelis created for them between 1967 and 1993 (Oslo). They’ve squandered billions of dollars given to them in international charity on their enormous police state, weapons, graft, elitist salaries, international offices, and their battle of disinformation, than they have spent on real education, manpower training, social services and productive infrastructure.

This last ditch propaganda hurrah: the International Court’s decision on Israel’s Security Fence is as hollow a victory as it gets. Israel will neither tear down the Security Fence, stop building the Fence, or change its direction according to what the World Court had to say.

Now what?

What will the Palestinians do next?

How will this empty victory at the International Court create jobs for Palestinians who want to work? How will it create industries for Palestinian entrepreneurs? How will it add to the social fabric of the Palestinian people? How will it give the future lives of Palestinian children hope and promise? And how ill it make a Thugocracy like the Palestinian Authority more democratic?

What appears to be a fork in the road for the Palestinians is actually a dead end. They have reached their moment of truth where they will have to take care of their own lives and well-being, or explode in a scene of internecine warfare that will plunge the Palestinian people into a bigger mess than they are already in.

For the Palestinians; by their own horrible choices, life will soon become even worse than it is now.

The blame for the horrors that await the Palestinian people can easily be laid upon the shoulders of those leaders who’ve scapegoated Israel, and have enabled the despicable Palestinian leadership, and closed their eyes to their loathsome behavior.

It seems to me, that not having a Palestinian nation is probably in the better interests of the world, than it is to the Israelis.

Soon enough, the international community will bear witness to the Palestinian horror-child of its own making. And then what?

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