A New Road For Canada Without Quebec.

As long as Canada is governed by Quebec and Quebecers, Lucien Bouchard's statement that "Canada Is Not A Real Country" is true.

As long as Canada is governed by Quebec and Quebecers, Lucien Bouchard’s statement that “Canada Is Not A Real Country” is true.

I’ve been invited to attend, and speak at a restaurant supper-meeting in Cornwall, Ontario, on August 5, 2004. The focus of the meeting is more or less being billed as the French Problem in English Canada.

I believe people from Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and points in between will be in attendance.

I spoke to some members of this group a couple of months ago in Ottawa, and was quite impressed with their determination not to allow the rest of Canada to become a back-seat “flunky” to Quebec.

At that meeting, I made it very clear, that to me, the battle I see in Canada is not one of language, as much as it is between conflicting cultures.

I have no problem with the French language and the millions of people in Canada who speak it. I live in a mostly French speaking community in Alexandria, Ontario. And even though there is somewhat of a divide between the English and French speakers, it is of no consequence. Everyone gets along and more or less pulls together.

Also: French or English speaking, we all fly the same Maple Leaf.

It would be a huge mistake to play the game of the Québécois ethnocentric nationalists, and reduce the differences between racist Quebec and egalitarian Canada to nothing more than language, when language is only a red-herring for the real malaise.

No one fought harder than I for EQUAL RIGHTS for all Canadians, including Canadians living in Quebec. Therefore; I believe that I’ve EARNED the right to state the following:


I don’t want Quebec out because it is predominantly French speaking, but rather, because the culture of Quebec is so poisoned with xenophobia and endemic racism against the rest of Canada, and Quebec’s minority communities, that I don’t believe there will ever be an opportunity for redemption.

It is this vile Québécois mind-set of cultural separation, that has permeated the highest offices in Ottawa, diminishing the potential for the rest of Canada.

Quebec’s clearly stated goal is to be absolutely separate on all cultural perspectives from the rest of Canada. And they’re just about there. Keith Henderson, the past leader of the Equality Party once said to me: “Quebec doesn’t want to get out of Canada. Quebec wants to get Canada out of Quebec”.

He was right. And I have no problem with this.

What I do have a problem with, is how Quebec’s influence is dragging on the rest of Canada like an anchor stuck in the mud.

Canada has passed laws with terrible double standards, that either please or benefit Quebec, where Quebec should have no influence.

The Supreme Court of Canada routinely rules to restrict Charter of Rights Freedoms for the benefit of ethnocentric Quebec; very often stating Quebec’s “distinct nature” as a reason for their judgements, even though Canada rejected Distinct Society Status for Quebec on THREE separate occasions.

Canada’s relationship with the USA has been poisoned because of Quebec leaders: both in Quebec City and Ottawa.

How painful will a divorce between Quebec and the rest of Canada be?

Separating Canada from Quebec would not be nearly as difficult as the politicians in Ottawa, and some in Quebec would have us believe. As a matter of fact, it would be infinitely easier to say goodbye to Quebec now, than it will be to continue with this sham relationship.

If everything I and others have written over the years is not enough to convince the rest of Canada to wave goodbye to Quebec; the simple fact that Quebec nationalists voted 54 Separatists out of 75 potential “federalists” to represent them in Parliament should be more than enough.

The fact that the ruling Liberals chose a Quebec nationalist who co-founded the Separatist Bloc Québécois to be prominent in their Party and our government, should also be reason enough to say adieu.

Imagine; a Quebec Separatist making decisions in Cabinet that will affect the rest of Canada. It’s like an Israeli politician putting the likes of Yasser Arafat in charge of Israeli security.

The fact that a Quebec nationalist who voted to separate Quebec from Canada in the October 30, 1995 referendum has been chosen to carry the Red Maple Leaf for Canada in the Greek Olympics, has got to make any normal thinking person shake his/her head in wonder.

And then there’s Celine Dion, who received The Order Of Canada, who refused to accept a music award because it was for best English singer, and she wasn’t English.

Or the Order Of Canada that went to then President (Claude Brochu) of the Montreal Expos, who refused to play O Canada before a game on Quebec’s separatist “national” holiday (June 24), so as not to offend Quebec nationalists.

But let me say again, with as much clarity as possible.


After an enormous amount of soul searching since leaving Quebec in the year 2000, I’ve become very comfortable with a way and means of separating Canada from Quebec that will give Quebec what it wants, and will give all Canadians the opportunity to progress to our true potential.

This is what I will be speaking about on August 5, 2004 in Cornwall. And anyone who wants to attend to hear me bash the French language, or French Canadians need not come.

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  1. Agreed..I thought you would pick Alberta..seems to be the last bastion of common sense

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