Another Appeaser-Plan To Make The Palestinians Happy.

Making an idiot into a professor does not make the professor any less of an idiot.

In the July 15 issue of the Canadian Jewish News, they ran a story about University of Montreal political science professor Charles Blattberg, who thinks Israel can be better served by being nicer and more inclusive to the Arabs, and by using the Canadian model with which to govern Israel.

This political science professor Charles Blattberg of the University of Montreal is as flawed as his arguments he presents for establishing peace and security for Israel.

He assumes that the Canadian example can work between the Jews and the Arabs, when it isn’t working in Canada. Sooner, rather than later, the Québécois separatists will either leave Canada through a referendum, or be shown the door by the rest of the country.

The other factor Charles Blattberg misses completely is that the French of Quebec are North American adherents to secular Western Democracy; every inch as much as their English counterparts. This can not be said about Middle Eastern Arabs.

Show me just one Arab Democracy.

Also: except for a brief period during the 60’s and 1970, when a couple of schmucks in the FLQ were blowing up mail boxes, there was virtually no violence between the French and the English in Canada. This can not be said about the Israelis and Palestinians. Particularly the Palestinian leadership which is bathed in Jewish blood.

Israel was RECREATED as the homeland of the Jews, specifically because much of the world, especially Europe was busy murdering and disenfranchising Jews wherever and whenever they could.

No one since the Crusades was trying to murder Arabs. And even at that, if the Turks didn’t try to spread their Islamic influence towards Europe in the 11th century, the Crusades might have never happened.

Every culture and religion can point to a spiritual homeland. The Arabs (Islam) have many. The Christians (Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox) have many. The Buddhists have many. The Hindus have India.

But, until Israel in 1948, what did the Jews have?

It’s not as if Israel didn’t exist more than 3,000 years ago under the leadership of King David, and up until 73 AD when the Romans captured Massada.

It’s not as if Jerusalem wasn’t the capitol of King Solomon’s Israel, immediately following his father David whose capitol was in Hebron.

To read what the professor had to say, you’d think it was the Palestinians who’ve been a political and national presence in what is now Israel for thousands of years, rather then the other way around.

Prior to Oslo in 1993, there was no Palestine. There still isn’t. The land Israel was “given” by the world body in 1948 was but one fraction of an entire region that was called Palestine.

The land that Israel won in 1967 (6 Day War) was part of Jordan (West Bank) and part of Egypt (Gaza). Someone needs to point this out to the misinformed professor.

Charles Blattberg would also do well to understand that most of the people who call themselves Palestinians are actually Jordanians, Syrians and Lebanese. For there to be Palestinians; there had to be a country called Palestine. There seems to be no history of such a country.

For Charles Blattberg to so casually declare that Israel should be a Jewish/Arab State, including a change in Israel’s Star of David flag to include an Arabic symbol would be nothing short of national suicide.

Why would Charles Blattberg be so quick to deny the Jewish people a homeland, and not anyone else? Israel is just one speck of dust with no natural resources other than its Jewish people in a vast Middle East where Blattberg thinks for some reason the Jews have too much, and should still share the little they have.

Has Charles Blattberg ever thought that perhaps the Arabs should just leave the Israelis alone? Or that having any semblance of a Jewish State in the Middle East will always be too much for the Arabs to accept?

I fear people like Charles Blattberg far more than I do people like Yasser Arafat. The likes of Charles Blattberg have for generations led Jews to misery and death at the hands of people like Arafat.

First come the appeasers. Then come the executioners. I have to wonder what political fiction he has been reading. But I don’t have to wonder what bent his students will learn from his nonsense.

Making an idiot into a professor does not make the professor any less of an idiot.

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  1. Howard your a little off on this one. Strictly in regards to your opinion on helmets “No man is an island”. As a Canadian, you know that if someone busts his noggin, all Canadians pay for his hospitalization. Yes he is free to be as reckless and irresponsible as he wants. But we then have to pay for his actions. You may not like it but that’s the way it is.

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