The World Court And The UN Have Much To Answer For.

Their judgment has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel's security barrier, as much as it has to do with a global expression of anti-Semitism.


Emile Zola is most famous for this one line (J’Accuse) he wrote concerning the false charges of treason, and the imprisonment of the French secular Jewish military captain Alfred Dreyfus in 1895.

The trumped-up charge of espionage against Dreyfus was an act of government (French) and Catholic Church inspired anti-Semitism.

But, for the voice of Emile Zola (January 13, 1898), who eventually had to flee from France for his brave attacks on the government, Dreyfus would have lived the rest of his life in the French hell-hole of Devil’s Island.

The crime of Dreyfus: Being a Jew in a position of prestige and authority.

It must be pointed out that Dreyfus was from a French family of assimilated Jews. But even at that, just being Jewish was too much for the French State and the Catholic Church.

As a result of this horrific miscarriage of justice caused by state inspired anti-Semitism at the behest of the Catholic Church; a new French government (socialist), not long after the vindication of Dreyfus, put in place a permanent separation of Church and State.

110 years after the bogus charges were laid against the French Jewish military captain, once again we must scream above the noise of the mob. J’ACCUSE!

This time, with the World Court of Justice’s decision to order Israel to take down it’s security barrier and pay compensation to the people (Palestinians) who have been associated with the murder and murderers of Jews, it is the act of anti-Semitism at the world level that must be challenged,

I will not bother to speak in-depth of the people who sit on the World Court, such as the Chinese Jurist who made the opening remarks condemning Israel’s security barrier, other than to mention that this judge comes from a country that has invaded and illegally occupies Tibet. Uses prisoners for slave labor. Murders members of a religious sect (Falun Gong). And imprisons anyone wishing to exercise Freedom of Speech.

This is the likes of the people who sit in judgement of the Middle East’s ONLY democracy.

But the competency of the World Court Justices is really not the question. Whether they are thugs, phonies or lamebrains is secondary to their role in the world’s attempt to once again demonize Jews, just as the French tried to do with limited success to France’s Jews in the Dreyfus case.

The truth of the security barrier and Israel’s right to protect itself is meaningless to worldwide anti-Semites, just as is the truth about the murdering, lying, thieves and cheats who comprise the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.

Their judgment has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel’s security barrier, as much as it has to do with a global expression of anti-Semitism, which is nothing more than an attempt to make all Jews look bad by making Israel look bad.

Just as France tried to make all Jews look bad by making Dreyfus look bad.

The only way this Court and the Jew-hating world body can succeed in their quest to further harm Israel and Jews, is if Israel complies with their obscene ruling, and if Jews worldwide distance themselves from Israel’s position on the security barrier.

Every person who loves truth and justice, just like Emile Zola did about 100 years ago (Jewish or otherwise), must scream in unison: J’ACCUSE!

The greatest threat to freedom in support of tyranny is a judicial process that uses its prestige and trust to malign, demean, and diminish people based upon the Court’s political, racial, cultural and religious bias.

The ruling against Israel, is in itself a ruling against Jews, and a ruling against all honest judicial advances of humanity since the days of international Kangaroo Courts.

If any entity is guilty of a crime, it is the World Court and the UN for promoting anti-Semitism through the back-door. Sooner rather than later, if there is any justice in the world, they like the French government at the time of Emile Zola and Alfred Dreyfus will be called to answer.

In the meantime: if Israel is guilty of anything, it is in showing too much previous restraint in doing what had to be done to protect themselves and the Rights of Jews throughout the Diaspora.

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