July 4 – A Reason For Canadians To Celebrate

The Founding Fathers of the United States Of America decided that it must be merit, and not birthright that should be the yardstick to position and success.

In 1776, a disparate group of men with a similar vision to live in a manner no other country on this planet ever conceived, went forward and changed the world.

On a planet where class and position were acquired by birth, the Founding Fathers of the United States Of America decided that it must be merit, and not birthright that should be the yardstick to position and success.

These same incredible men also realized that there was no place for the Church within the State. And with the stroke of a pen, America guaranteed the right of all people to practice the religion in which they believed, but forbade any religion from influencing government, or from imposing one belief upon another.

The Fathers also made it clear that government, which is integral to the operation of the society, must not just be held accountable to the people, but always be kept under a strict vigil.

Hence: Laws which are enshrined in the US Constitution guarantee the Right of all people to Bear Arms (Second Amendment), not necessarily against each other, but specifically against the government if ever the government attempted to usurp the people.

By the Constitution – the US government can not mobilize its troops on American soil. Only Governors of States can do that. And all Americans have the Right to form Militias with the Right to protect themselves from rogue governments.

In addition to a brand new mind-set towards governance, the United States Of America created a CAN-DO ethos that has driven the world. American-know-how and entrepreneurship has led humanity for more than 200 years.

Had it not been for the USA, the world as we know it would not exist.

It took the Americans to end the First World War. To defeat the Nazis. To stop the Communist Chinese in Korea. To stop the Soviets in their tracks. And now; to battle the Islamist forces of evil.

America has exported its unique brand of Republican Democracy around this planet, where Fashion, Hollywood, and The Music Industry has changed the way people think and do things. All for the better.

As a Canadian sharing our long border with the USA, I have reason to be grateful for the FOURTH OF JULY. If it was not for the Americans, the lifestyle I cherish in Canada would not have been possible.


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  1. Thank God for our health care system in Canada. Too bad there is a lot of propaganda against it in the U.S. My sister-in-law who lives in Georgia thought she was having a heart attack last week. Even though she and my brother-in-law are paying huge amounts for their health care and have been for a number of years, the doctor said it would cost $2000 for tests. She couldn’t afford it and took her chances. How many Americans are dying because of this. Hopefully she will be alright………..

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