Canada Day – What’s to Celebrate?


Yesterday, July 1, 2004 was Canada’s 137th birthday since Confederation.

While most of the country took the time to celebrate with community festivities and fireworks, I didn’t.

Anne and I took the day off, hung around the property, and played with our horses. At night, we went out for supper (in Ontario) with another couple who live near Montreal.

All in all, it was a pleasant way to spend the day. But for all that it mattered, it was just a day off.

I felt no desire to celebrate Canada’s birthday.

After 137 years of trying to build a country, we are no closer to becoming a real nation today, than we were in 1867. Quebec sent 54 Separatists out of 75 possible Members to Canada’s Parliament as a result of the June 28, 2004 federal election.

And to add significant insult to injury, these Quebec Separatists will not only receive great federal paychecks for trying to destroy Canada, but an extremely generous indexed pension for life once they’re through trying, as long as they serve 6 years in office, which most of them have.

In addition to fabulous salaries and the pension, the despoilers of Canada will also receive a chunk of their income tax-free, and enjoy a tremendous package that also allows them to travel virtually anywhere by plane at the expense of the Canadian tax-payer. Not to mention many other terrific federally funded perks.

The Separatist Bloc Québécois’ riding offices can be used to promote whatever they want. In their case, it is how to separate Quebec from Canada; which like all else about them is Canadian tax-payer funded.

More to their federally funded offices which they use to foment dissension in Canada, the federal government also fully finances huge mailings which the Separatists use to promote their disdain for the country they’ve pledged to serve.

But the greatest insult to all of Canada remains the Liberal Party’s absolutely stupid and obscene Party financing rule which rewards political Parties; not for what they are going to do tomorrow, but rather for what they did yesterday.

According to this Liberal Party financing package, every party will receive $1.75 for every constituent in each riding they’ve won. Even if less than half of the constituents voted for that Party.

As long as the winning candidate receives just one vote more than his or her closest rival, the Party qualifies.

In the case of the Separatist Bloc Québécois, this amount translates to $2 MILLION per year.

Imagine: Here’s a duplicitous, racist, ethnocentric and nationalist Party whose sole purpose is to dismember Canada, being financed virtually from the get-go by the country they are determined to destroy. ONLY IN CANADA!


The Liberal Party of Canada and their newest buddies, the socialist NDP share a hate-on for the Americans, even though virtually EVERY CENT Canada earns in trade comes from our American neighbors.

Our Liberal, NDP (socialist) and Separatist leaders love nothing more than to shove our wonderful healthcare system (which really is wonderful) into the faces of the Americans, which we wouldn’t have if the Americans didn’t buy just about everything we export.

These same three bad actors feel smug about our international security, since we have no need of a real military. Why bother when we know the Americans will protect us no matter what?

And they laugh at Americans who take enormous pride in being American. While in Canada, we prefer to show pride in not being too Canadian.

Canada is an over-taxed and underachieving society which punches far above our weight, simply because of our neighbor to the South.

If the USA ever decided to close their borders to our trade, Canada would immediately be disqualified from being a member of the prestigious G8. And under those same circumstances, Canada wouldn’t even be able to meet our financial and military commitment to NATO, which we’re just barely doing now.

If anyone is interested in knowing how we’ve become such a dysfunctional society; I can sum it all up in one word. QUEBEC! And if you’re wondering which Province in Canada is the most anti-American. You guessed it.

Canada’s international and national policies are decided not on what the rest of Canada wants, but what will make Quebec happy.

Every federal political leader worries about the Quebec vote; to the point where they surround themselves with Quebec nationalists (except the Conservatives) at the expense of the rest of Canada, and pass laws that make Quebec happy, regardless to what the other provinces want.

The rest of Canada has been successfully conditioned to making Quebec happy.

Canada can not go on with this absurdity forever. At one point, Canada is going to implode on its own weight when the rest of the country wakes-up and says no more.

It won’t be Quebec which will finally pull the plug on whether to stay within Canada, as much as it will be the parts of Canada that are West of the Ontario border which will one day simply say goodbye to Canada as a whole.

To best illustrate how perverted Canada has become because of Quebec; the Supreme Court of Canada recognizes Quebec as a Distinct Society, where the rest of Canada does not, and reflects their view of Quebec in their rulings on Rights issues that apply only to Quebec, in total contradiction to Constitutional Charter laws that affect the rest of Canada differently.

And the topper: Is there another country in the world that allows one of its provinces to make immigration decisions, based upon who can, and who can not enter their country and eventually become citizens? Quebec has that right. I know of no other.

I guess I’ll start celebrating Canada Day when Canada no longer counts Quebec as part of its national family.

A Montrealer by the name of Robert O’Brien wrote an excellent Letter To The Publisher today (July 2, 2004) which cuts right to the chase and is well worth the read.

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  1. Something similar to your “bike Friend” happened to me, while riding my Harley across country. I was arrested and taken to jail overnight for not wearing my helmet (the “proper” way!)… I had strapped my helmet to my knee. I went before the (kangaroo) judge the next morning and explained it to him. Motorcycle helmets must be worn when operating. It didn’t say “where”, though! I still had to pay the fine…!

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