Once Again, Bouchard Is Proven Right – Canada Is Not A Real Country.

Many people seem to be under the impression that minority governments are good things, and a great deal is achieved when no one really holds all the power. But that just isn't true.

Yesterday, June 28, 2004, the people of Canada had spoken.

Well – not all of the people of Canada, since an enormous amount of MORONS didn’t vote. Their excuses ranged from: There’s no one to vote for. They’re all crooks and liars anyway. And what’s the difference?

As far as I’m concerned, these non voters have lost all moral rights to have an opinion on anything that is in the least way related to government: including all social issues.

I am not pleased with the results of yesterday’s election.

It leaves me cold that a Quebec Separatist Party can win 54 seats out of 75, and an enormous amount of national influence in a federal election, when a national Party interested in what’s best for all of Canada (Conservatives) win just 99 seats.

It tests the bounds of lunacy, that to a great degree, Canada will be at the mercy of Quebec Separatists.

Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Separatist Bloc Québécois was (is?) a Marxist/Leninist. There’s something Canada badly needs.

His idea of government responsibility leaves me cold. Like the majority of his co-Quebecers, he has a hate-on for the USA and English Canada. He also stands against the business community. And like a lot of French Quebecers, he wants to Separate from Canada, but not surrender the benefits of Confederation.

Not a bad deal if you can get it.

I am incredulous to the fact that the co-founder of this Separatist Party (Bloc Québécois), Jean Lapierre, was welcomed with open arms into the Liberal Party, for them to win Quebec’s ethnocentric vote, which he failed to deliver.

What happens now with the federalist, come Separatist, come re-born federalist, Jean Lapierre, now that he’s so effectively crapped-out in terms of delivering the goods to Paul Martin? Will he still be Paul Martin’s Quebec lieutenant now that he’s been totally disavowed by French Quebecers?

If it wasn’t for English Quebec ridings, the Liberals would have won under a dozen Quebec seats (135 seats). Perhaps Martin’s Quebec lieutenant should be an Anglo Quebecer?

Jack Layton (NDP Socialist) is a man who wants what’s in your pockets. He wants to declare Quebec to be a nation. He wants to walk away from Canada’s inter-continental missile negotiations with the Americans. And he wants to create an even greater divide between us and the USA.

Layton’s Party of do-nothing do-gooders is also in love with the Palestinians. I guess sick picks sick and they got 19 seats, a far cry from what they expected.

If Paul Martin was prepared to sell the soul of our nation to appease a Separatist (Jean Lapierre) who tried to destroy Canada to win a few votes, what will he surrender to Jack Layton to form a viable minority government?

The Conservatives didn’t do well at all yesterday. Part of the reason was because the Liberals ran an extremely successful fear campaign which the Conservatives didn’t properly refute. But mostly, because of the Conservative’s social policies, specifically on Gay Rights and a Woman’s Right to Choose which in themselves are frightening to many people.

Over this past weekend, it is estimated that more than one million people attended the Gay Pride Parade in Toronto. This is by no means a small number. Also, of the million or more people who participated, a great many of them were neither Gays nor Lesbians. I once marched in a Gay Pride Parade in Victoria BC. And I’m not Gay.

The Conservatives would do very well to understand, that even though many of their hard-core constituency, including some of their candidates, are homophobic; their views are considered archaic and sexually racist by most mainstream centrist Canadians. The votes of which any Party needs to win.

The other social concern is the Conservative’s concept of a woman’s right to choose. Neither Anne nor I will ever be in a position where we will have to make a choice between having a child or aborting a fetus. Not for ourselves or anyone else. Nonetheless; to us, as to many Canadians, a woman’s right to self-determination over her reproductive biological system should be sacrosanct.

Even though Anne and I voted for the Conservatives, both of these issues bothered us a great deal.

We are now in for a terrible ride.

Many people seem to be under the impression that minority governments are good things, and a great deal is achieved when no one really holds all the power. But that just isn’t true. What happens in a minority situation, is that there is no clear direction. And principles are sold down the drain for votes and support of convenience.

Here’s another rub I haven’t heard the media mention.

Everyone was transfixed on a Liberal/NDP minority government if the numbers added up, which they don’t. Between the two Parties, they are still one seat short (154).

Perhaps they can convince the only victorious Independent to support their minority government who told all of them where to get off before the election. Kinda doubtful.

But what about the NDP and the Separatist Bloc Québécois ganging up on the Liberals? Here are two Parties with substantial clout led by determined socialists.

No one should be surprised that here’s a probable union of very like-minded individuals and ideologies, who both despise successful business people, the USA, Israel and the concept less government.

If anyone really believes that Paul Martin won anything, think again. Paul Martin didn’t win anything other than misery. And neither did Canada.

What this election proves to me, is that the people didn’t vote on issues and past performances, otherwise, the Liberals would have been decimated like the Mulroney Tories were a decade ago.

It also proves that Quebec is just as duplicitous as it ever was. That the Liberals will make deals with whomever it takes to retain power. And that the Conservatives still have a ways to go towards the center on social issues. That is if they ever want to form a government.

In the meantime, I will continue to work hard, so all levels of government can continue to tax me to death, while they squander my money in ways I greatly disapprove of. That of course includes: monumental waste, incompetence, theft, graft and favors to their friends.

And to my friends who voted Liberal in spite of all the Liberals have done to deserve nothing other than our disdain; at least you voted. And that’s something.

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  1. Ah, but you forget, Howard, Canada was the 13th British colony in 1776, dominated by pro-Monarchists English and Catholic French. They could have just as easily declared their independence from the King, but they chose not to. After the U.S.’s successful 8-year battle for independence, most British loyalist in American moved either to Canada or back to England. Modern Canada’s roots date to the kind of people who were happy with high-handed government intrusion over personal freedoms. Surprised?

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