Everyone Has An Opinion On Michael Moore – Even Me.

It's tiring to debate with people who see conspiracies behind every thing that isn't from the Left. And who try to find equivalence where none exists.

Several friends of mine have sent me various comments on Moore’s latest “docudrama” Fahrenheit 9/11, and my last editorial concerning it.

One of my Montreal readers who just saw it, pointed out that it asked some very relevant questions and raised issues we should think about.

On the other hand, the Toronto letter writer thought that Moore is a huge hero regardless of how really accurate or inaccurate his movies are, since they are attacking in the RIGHT direction.

But this same Toronto friend also said that he LOVES Israel, yet the Israeli Right are no better, while letting me know about a group of ex Israeli Military guys who he said have been silenced about exposing Israeli atrocities committed against Palestinians.

In his mind, this makes Israel no better than the Palestinians or the Arab world.

With friends like this, who claim to LOVE Israel, Israel does not need Arab enemies.

How can my buddy in Toronto have the unmitigated Chutzpah to even compare Israeli rule of law and TOTAL media openness to the brutal control of speech, association, and assembly of totalitarian thugs throughout the entire Arab Middle East?

Time and time again, Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled against the Israeli military and the government. Arab petitioners know they can go before the Israeli Courts without fear that “secret police” will knock on their doors in the dead of night.

On a per capita basis, Israel probably has more newspapers (Hebrew, Arabic and English), and web news services than any other nation on this planet. Everyone in Israel has an opinion, and everyone is free to express it.

That is the OFFICIAL Israeli policy.

For my Toronto friend to even hint that the “alleged” cover-up for the actions of a few Israelis is somehow equivalent to the brutal policies of the Arab world, is insulting, dishonest, and contemptible. Especially coming from someone who always screams about truth and transparency.

This is the same friend who tells me how much he LOVES America, but can’t seem to find anything nice to say about the country unless pressed. He should know that America did not become the greatest nation on the planet in a vacuum, or in spite of Conservatives and Republicans.

Abraham Lincoln who freed the Slaves was America’s first Republican President. The world as it is today is not the birth-child of the Left.

It’s tiring to debate with people who see conspiracies behind every thing that isn’t from the Left. And who try to find equivalence where none exists.

Here’s my edited response to the Montreal letter I received about Michael Moore’s movie:

What we all forget when speaking about Michael Moore, is that first and foremost, he is a movie-maker with an agenda. The real truth is only of marginal importance compared to his perceived truth.

The fact that Moore merges reality, innuendo, fiction and his own beliefs throughout his productions disqualifies him from being regarded as an honest documentarian.

To the Americans: Mel Gibson’s movie the “Patriot”, was really the way it was between the British colonialists and the American revolutionaries, where in fact, Gibson’s movie was a complete distortion of history.

Mel Gibson’s latest lie; “The Passion Of The Christ”, also became the Gospel in spite of its liberal creative license.

On the other side of the spectrum, Michael Moore is no different.

The fact that he made Bush look bad is no great accomplishment. Anyone with an audience and the ability to spin a little theater can make anyone else look bad.

Let me paint a very disturbing, graphic, and totally honest picture for you.

Here is a relatively pretty, but somewhat chubby young girl (a White House intern) who is awestruck by the power, glamour, glitz and charm of the most powerful man on the planet, who in the most revered room in America, she is on her knees sucking away at the President’s dick.

And when she’s finished sucking, the President returns the favor by inserting one of his oversized Cuban cigars up her vagina. All of which the President finally admitted under oath.

Some picture uh?

Is this the man you want in the White House? Why was this movie never made?

When I was on the air, one of the tactics I occasionally used, was to all of a sudden confront unsuspecting people who I wanted to attack. One time, I awoke Raymond Villeneuve (the Quebec Separatist once jailed for murder) at home not that early in the morning, and put him live on-air?

Villeneuve had threatened to have me killed by his band of miscreants which precipitated my call. He sounded like a buffoon from his sleepy stupor, and hardly the type of man I should be worried about.

It was great radio theatre which my audience loved, but it was also totally unfair.

This is what Moore did, but unlike me, he did it to innocent and unsuspecting members of Congress. The other day, I saw on CNN, one of those members he “bush-whacked”. He was fuming at Moore’s strategy.

Here are several points he made: The US military is an entirely volunteer service. Moore is making the leap to somehow tie service in Iraq to the draft army that went unwillingly to Vietnam.

This Congressman’s nephew was serving in Iraq, and as much as he feared for the safety of his nephew, he was nonetheless proud that he was serving his country.

The question posed to the Congressmen was patently unfair, since no one in the USA is compelled to join the military. But once in, you must understand that you are joining an institution that might put you in harm’s way.

People like Moore can’t seem to wrap national service, and willing sacrifice to country around their angry brains.

Finally: Bush is tied to oil money. But Clinton was tied to the legal industry and fraudulent investors some of whom he pardoned before leaving office.

Clinton was also a liar beyond the Lewinsky disgrace. He claimed that he couldn’t pardon Jonathan Pollard because his Director of the CIA (George Tenet) threatened to quit if he did. The Director later stated he made no such threat.

It’s easy for Michael Moore to point fingers at Cheney for his ties to Haliburton. But what about the BILLIONS of dollars the Clinton White House gave to Haliburton?

I don’t for a moment doubt that Michael Moore’s movie is both entertaining and compelling. But it is just a movie with a personal agenda geared to make the viewers hate George W Bush.

Amongst Bush Haters, and people who won’t make the effort to question Moore’s motives and honesty, he will succeed. But that does not make it right.

For me, Michael Moore represents even more of a reason to stay away from the Left.

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  1. God bless all our heroes. They fought AGAINST socialism. Your government has every right to make you wear a helmet on a bicycle. If you fall, you will go to a government-paid hospital to fix whatever on you is harmed because you live with a single-payer socialized health-care system. The problem is not the helmet law per se. The problem is socialized health care, because when government controls your access to medical treatment, they can control lots of other things. Do you hear me, USA???

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