The Media War For The Hearts And Minds Of The Western World.

While it is true that Israel has some very unphotogenic spokes-people whose command of English is too accented; nonetheless, what they say on behalf of Israel is always true.

John Walsh of the very popular and effective “America’s Most Wanted” television show was interviewed yesterday during the lunch hour (June 22, 2004) by Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

The interview dealt mostly with looking for TERRORISTS, but somehow took a turn to looking for foreign parents who married Americans, and then spirited their children out of the USA to countries that would not return them.

In North America, it is illegal to kidnap your own children from your spouse, and even more illegal to take them out of the country against the wishes of the spouse or courts. But it happens all the time.

Where the interview got really interesting, was when Walsh pointed a finger directly at Arab and Moslem countries that shield their nationals who commit this crime. Blitzer was extremely quick to jump-in and state that it’s not just Arab and Islamic countries who provide safe haven to these people, that other countries do too.

Not to be deterred however, John Walsh looked Wolf Blitzer squarely in the eyes, and made the argument that it’s time we stop pretending about Arabs and Islamists.

Walsh went on to state that this is far more of a problem with the Arab world than anywhere else (and he should know). And then he used his argument as a segue to make the point that it was Arabs who attacked America on 9/11.

Specifically; it was mostly Saudi Arabians. And more than that: It is Saudi Arabians who have bankrolled the murderers who are at war with the West.

From his tone; it was obvious to me that John Walsh has been waiting a long time to get this off his chest.

I perceived more than just a little discomfort in the body language of Wolf Blitzer, whose CNN is greatly financed by Saudi money. As refreshing as it was to hear this from John Walsh, it is not the kind of bold speech CNN is comfortable with.

In today’s National Post (Canadian Newspaper – June 23, 2004), in the Editorial Section; Barbara Kay wrote a piece on Israel’s pathetic Public Relation’s efforts in comparison to the slick and focused Palestinian PR machine.

The title of her column was: “Why Israel Loses The Media War”.

With all due respect to Barbara Kay (and I do respect her). She’s wrong.

While it is true that Israel has some very unphotogenic spokes-people whose command of English is too accented; nonetheless, what they say on behalf of Israel is always true. And if what they say is not accurate, there are 6 million Israelis (Jews and Arabs) who are not shy to correct them. Not to mention the WORLD media which is always challenging Israel – fairly and unfairly.

There is no question that the Arabs are slick. But they lie like living room rugs. And unlike the Israelis, there is no one within their own community to correct or challenge them. All of which, is not entirely lost on the viewing public.

It sometimes takes a great deal of time, but the truth virtually always wins out.

Think about a year ago, and we couldn’t watch a television news report without seeing the images of the few Arab (Palestinian) talking heads who always stuck to the same script: “Humiliation, Occupiers, Root-Cause, Suffering – Etcetera”.

And now ask yourself how often you see these Arab/Islamic whiners who have taken disinformation to a post graduate level of excellence on television?

At the same time: ask yourself how often you see Israelis on television still struggling to tell it like it is, since the world has run out of reasons to disbelieve the Israelis based upon Arab lies?

Remember the Jenin massacre that never happened?

The Arabs and Islamists (usually one in the same) have been too smart for their own good, simply because the media (especially CNN and BBC) made them their darlings and championed their cause against the Jews of Israel.

They thought they could say anything and get away with it. And for a brief time they were right. But that time has come and gone.

It’s not as though the media is any more friendly to Israel, and against the Arabs (Palestinians), it’s just that the media can not afford to watch their own credibility get flushed with Arab lies. Therefore; the Arab side has more or less become silent.

There is another reality. Arabs and Islamists are now using the international media to showcase their inhumanity and savagery by kidnaping innocent people and publicly murdering them in the most graphic and grotesque ways.

Watching and listening to that poor South Korean man crying and pleading for his life in Iraq, as he was surrounded by masked Arab thugs is great television for the Arabs; I guess it makes them feel tough and in control, but for Western audiences, it simply adds to the way many of us already feel about Middle Eastern Arabs and Islamists.

Other Westerners, who have in the past been sympathetic to the Arabs are now starting to question their own perceptions. Perhaps for the first time, they’re beginning to understand who the Arabs REALLY are.

For generations, Israel has warned the West what awaited them from the Arab world. Nonetheless; the warnings were ignored, even as Arabs blew up airplanes, killed Olympic athletes and attacked US and European interests abroad.

Then 9/11 happened. And everything began to (slowly) change. Finally, the warnings were beginning to be listened too, opposed to just being heard.

We see wars being fought all over the world today, and it’s virtually always about Arabs and Islam. The battles in the Balkans, Chechnya, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia and North Africa: it’s all about Islam.

And it’s not as if the West is attacking Islam or denying Moslems rights and respect. Islam is attacking us.

France is terrified at being taken over by Islamists, since Islamists now represent 10% of France’s total population, and is out-pacing European French births by an alarming rate.

Mosques worldwide (in Canada and the USA as well) are converting the downtrodden to Islam, and feeding them with lies and hatred for all other religions.

Even though there is a litany of Mullahs and Western apologists for Islam who will scream from their towers that Islam is a religion of peace and understanding, the reality is much different than what they claim.

They can’t keep on saying that their religion has been highjacked by a few “extremists”. A few extremists can not wage an effective WORLD WAR against the greatest and most modern powers on earth.

Slowly, the West is beginning to wake up to the reality of the Arabs and Islam.

Watching John Walsh on CNN yesterday was just one of many instances where the truth is finally being heard, in spite of the medias’ best attempts to pretend that everything is fine when it is not.

Reading Barbara Kay’s column today made me smile at her concern about Israel’s media clumsiness, when it is the Arabs who are looking exactly the way they really are every time they go on television. They’re just too slick for their own good.

Perceptions change as people start to pay closer attention. And with all the nonstop violence, threats and barbarity coming from the Arab and Islamic world, one can clearly see a course change in who is winning the Media War.

Soon enough, the real War will begin, and the world’s Islamic nightmare will begin to come to an end.

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  1. Howard, It is so wonderful that we have to expose the the compete idiocy of the socialist gang. Your role in our Canadian life is truly heroic.

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