The Saudis Will Have Us Believe They Are Like The Americans.

For years, the Saudis knew who the Al Qaeda leadership was. How could they not have known since it was they themselves who've been funding Al Qaeda and other TERRORIST groups?

After the beheading of the American worker Paul Johnson in Saudi Arabia, the Saudis have gone into hyper-drive spin control. The likes of which can make a seasoned political observer breathless.

From his prepared comments, you’d think the Saudi public relation’s guy was speaking about the United States of America, and not a blood thirsty obnoxious misogynist religiously backward Thugocracy in the middle of nowhere anyone with brains would want to be.

This soft spoken Saudi embassy front-man who slithers like a snake, whose face and calming voice is a common presence on CNN, spoke of “evil-doers” (his words) and the need to crush TERRORISTS.

He spoke about the rule of law and civilized behavior. And how his country will hunt down the TERRORISTS wherever they are and bring them to justice.

It all sounds good. It sounds downright American. And in a real context, his words would have had meaning. But in the present circumstance, he is just another pathetic Saudi liar spinning a yarn about his horrible country, and the even more horrible and duplicitous royal leadership.

How stupid do the Saudis think the rest of the world is?

For years, the Saudis knew who the Al Qaeda leadership was. How could they not have known since it was they themselves who’ve been funding Al Qaeda and other TERRORIST groups?

For about a week, the Saudis had 15,000 men (so they claim) out looking for Paul Johnson and his kidnappers. To no avail.

Yet; within one hour of the reported grisly murder (beheading) of Paul Johnson, they knew exactly where to find the TERRORISTS, which led to a gun battle that killed their leader and some of his “associates”. Others were arrested.

Did you see the gun battle on television? Were there any interviews with the police who participated in the shootout and subsequent arrests?

How come they couldn’t find any of the TERRORISTS before the murder with 15,000 people looking? But only one hour after the murder: presto! Just like magic. Abra Cadabra: here they are!

The Saudis first said they found the TERRORISTS when a witness saw them dumping the body. As it turns out; there is no body and there is no witness. So what gives?

Does the Saudi Royal family think the Western democracies are as stupid as their own people who are so quick to believe any “news” garbage and propaganda they’re fed?

We like facts that we can corroborate independently, not what some government schmuck has to say. But the Saudis who live in a police state can never understand this concept no matter how hard they pretend to be like us.

How about the latest reports which state that the TERRORISTS had inside help from Saudi security personnel who supplied uniforms and official vehicles for the kidnaping and whatever else. What about that?

Oh – no, no, NEVER! Said the Saudi talking head. Our security forces would never participate in such a thing.

And we should believe him when they can’t even tell the truth about Paul Johnson’s body that is still missing at the time of this writing, and an eye witness that doesn’t seem to exist.

The spectacle of watching this Saudi serpent slither in front of the CNN cameras was too much, as he tried to make it look as if the Saudis were the real victims, even more so than the poor Bastard who got his head sliced off for all to see, and as much as the Americans who took the horrible hit on 9/11.

He stood before the cameras doing his utmost to portray his kingdom as the victim of TERRORISM on a par with the Americans. He tried for all he was worth to characterize his evil country as a normal society governed by the rule of law, when in truth, Saudi Arabia should be ranked at the top of evil states that sponsor TERRORISM.

This country is a sickness in a globalizing modern world where despots and kingdoms should be treated as the pariahs they are, with or without the smooth speaking serpents who try to spin their magic on cable news networks, doing their best to paint an image of their country that is anything but true, and everything that it is not.

We should believe the Saudis, just like we believed Bagdad Bob who said his Iraqi troops were routing the Americans, at the same time American troops were knocking on his door.

An interesting side to all of this is the confusion in the US State Department.

Colin Powell; the US Secretary of State and head of the State Department clearly said that it will be a victory for the TERRORISTS if Americans decide to leave Saudi Arabia under threat, while his State Department issued a warning for all Americans to leave Saudi Arabia.

I’m with the State Department. But for a different reason. No one who cares a whit about decency should be in a vile country like Saudi Arabia, regardless of the TERRORIST threat.

To contribute to their horrible, vicious and corrupt society simply to make a buck is an endeavor of shame. It’s like saying: I wasn’t a Nazi. I only helped produce the products the Nazis used to carry-on their evil enterprise.

I feel badly for the horrible way the Saudi savages are harming foreigners, but there is a real easy solution to all of this. Get out and leave the Saudi Bastards to stew in their own filth. They deserve nothing less.

And if Westerners want to dance with the Saudi devil to earn ill begotten financial rewards, they clearly know what the potential is for disaster by accepting Saudi blood-money over integrity.

Whatever befalls them is of their own doing.

As for the Saudi Royal Family and their sycophants: their time is rapidly coming to an end. The sooner the better!

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  1. Howard, you make it sound like you are paying for wind and solar power but you are not. You are still paying for power generated from our long existing nuclear sites.
    Wind and solar currently produce less than 2% and may never exceed 5%.
    None of our nuclear sites will ever be shut down no matter how much the wind blows because they take three days to start back up.
    Your increase in power cost simply lines the pockets of those with the contracts for the windmills. Total corruption.

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