If You Don’t Like The Truth – Shut It Out.

If my leaders and populace were blood-thirsty murderers who applauded and hero-worshiped acts of TERRORISM, I too would like to keep that away from public scrutiny. Who wouldn't?

The Palestinians are an incredible people.

Since 1967, they’ve been screaming to all who will listen that the Israelis have to leave Gaza. And now that the Israelis have announced they will leave; the sooner the better, the Palestinians are screaming that the Israelis can’t leave without negotiations.

What’s to negotiate? The Palestinians want the Israelis out. The Israelis are leaving. They seem to have a real problem making up their mind.

Here’s an even better example of Palestinian double-speak.

The Palestinians have embraced murder and murderers as a form of hero-worship. In America, there’s an American Idol title reserved for the man or woman who is the most entertaining singer.

Amongst the Palestinians; the position of Palestinian Idol is reserved for all suicide murderers. Unfortunately for them, and fortunately for everyone else, the winners never get a chance to repeat or further their careers.

Nonetheless; Palestinian school children are taught the names of the dead murderers as Martyrs. School properties, parks, and playgrounds are named after the murderers. And children play and trade with Martyr-cards containing the photos, names and resumes of the murderers, just like North American kids trade in sport-cards.

And just like many North American kids who go to summer camp to learn how to swim, hike, carve, and get along with their peers, Palestinian kids go to camp to learn how to hate Jews, Americans and train for Jihad.

None of what I’ve just written is a secret. It is openly, and proudly publicized by the Palestinian Authority and their controlled media.

Even the Liberal Canadian government of Jean Chretien has been in the act by financing Palestinian schoolbooks that preach hatred of Israel and Jews, and show maps of Palestine where Israel should be, but is not.

A retired Israeli military officer just opened a small museum outside Tel Aviv to show the history and effects of Palestinian murder since the Intifada began in the year 2000, after Arafat walked away from the BEST peace offer the Palestinians could have ever hoped for.

In this museum are exhibits of Palestinian suicide bombings (murders) of various flavors. There are photos of the carnage. And there are documents which were seized by Israeli military raiders that tie the Palestinian Authority (Arafat) directly to the TERRORISM which has murdered and maimed thousands of Israeli Jews.

From everything I’ve read and seen about this museum, there is absolutely nothing there that is untrue or embellished. It simply tells it like it is.

But that’s too much for the Palestinians.

Saeb Erekat, one of the more prominent Palestinian mouthpieces is very upset with the museum. He thinks that it is an Israeli provocation, and not helpful to building trust between the two sides.

To him: It will only create further animosity and hard-feelings.

Erekat never said that the exhibit was not accurate. He just doesn’t like to see the true face of his people exhibited in public.

This I can understand.

If my leaders and populace were blood-thirsty murderers who applauded and hero-worshiped acts of TERRORISM, I too would like to keep that away from public scrutiny. Who wouldn’t?

But regardless of what Saeb Erekat wants or doesn’t want: What is – Is.

The Palestinian leadership and most of its population have behaved like despicable savages. The museum only shows their true history.

This reminds me of what the Premier of Quebec, Lucien Bouchard, and his deputy Premier, Bernard Landry, said to me when I announced that I would be taking my battle against their linguistic and cultural racism to the USA in September 1996:

They were furious and threatened all kinds of repercussions if I followed through.

Even the Prime Minister of Canada (from Quebec), Jean Chretien, his Intergovernmental Affairs Minister (also from Quebec), Stephane Dion, and one of Canada’s English language Premiers from Saskatchewan, Roy Romnaow, publicly begged me not to go.

The ethnocentric Québécois Separatist leaders implored me “not to air Quebec’s dirty laundry outside our home” (their actual words).

My response to the Quebec government, the English Premier from Saskatchewan, the Intergovernmental Affairs Minister, and Canada’s Prime Minister was:

“Screw you”!

“If you think we have dirty laundry, you should clean it up. But in the meantime, I will air it everywhere I possibly can until you do”.

Nothing bothers cockroaches as much as a bright light.

Just like Quebec. If Erekat and his Palestinian buddies don’t like the truth; then change what makes it so. Otherwise, suffer the consequences.

In the meantime; there should be more museums the likes of the one created near Tel Aviv. Maybe the Europeans and the UN need a museum for them to have a good look at how they behave too.

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