TERRORISM Against The Saudi Royal Family – It’s The Fault Of The Jews.

Israel predicted it. But as long as it was only Jews who were being savaged by these murderers, it wasn't a problem.

At the beginning of the Intifada (2000), and the “explosion” of Palestinian suicide bombers murdering Jews in Israel, Israel told the world that this is a TERRORIST horror that would soon be coming to a shopping center, restaurant or bus stop near you.

And now it has.

When Israeli men, women and school children are blown apart, the world says nothing other than it is Israel’s fault for the way it “treats” the Palestinians.

The Palestinian (Arab) murderers are called militants by the “civilized” world, while their despicable acts become celebrated folklore amongst the Arabs.

But now that the shoe is on the other foot, and Arabs are murdering Arabs in the same fashion as Arabs have been murdering Jews, the big difference is that the world community is now calling it TERRORISM and the perpetrators TERRORISTS.

Another huge difference is the lack of blame.

No one in the international community is blaming the regimes coming under fire from the TERRORISTS for being the “root” cause for the acts of TERRORISM.

No one at the UN, the EU, or anywhere else is blaming the tyrannical regimes like the House of Saud for inviting this horror into their homes, simply because the Royal family treats its citizens like garbage.

In spite of whatever I personally feel about the US presence in Iraq, they are nonetheless invaders and occupiers. And as such, Iraqis have the right to try to dispel them. I happen to agree with the American position, but that doesn’t change what is.

Nonetheless, the conventional world looks upon the Iraqi people fighting to rid their nation of foreign occupiers as TERRORISTS, and not as liberators.

If a bomb were to explode somewhere in Israel today, the murderers and their accomplices would be described as militants; not TERRORISTS. It’s not that complicated to figure out what the difference is when Arabs kill Arabs, and when Arabs kill Jews.

But that’s the way the world is.

Regardless of how the world defines murderers, depending upon whom they murder, is irrelevant to the fact that murder by TERRORISM is a long proven and effective weapon. EXCEPT IN ISRAEL AND THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

And now with the introduction of an army of religiously motivated suicide bombers, the stakes have become all that much higher.

What goes around comes around. The hatred that is taught to Arab Moslem children, boys and girls against Jews, Israel, Americans, democracy, modernity and Infidels in general, has come home to the Saudi surrogates who helped give birth to this vile disease.

Israel predicted it. But as long as it was only Jews who were being savaged by these murderers, it seemed not to be such a problem. But now that the murderers are doing it to their own, it has become a major international concern.

It is incredible to hear the Saudis proclaiming how evil TERRORISM is, and how all forms of TERRORISM must be stopped. It’s funny how one’s perspective changes when the shoe falls on the other foot.

In the meantime, Israel is dealing magnificently with it’s TERRORIST problem, especially since they started caring less about what the EU and the UN has to say about the Israeli method of combating TERRORISM, while the rest of the world is bracing itself for a TERRORIST onslaught they have absolutely no idea how to deal with.

Imagine the irony. Pretty soon, Israel will become the safest country in the world, in which to travel.

Remarkably, or maybe not so remarkably, Saudi Arabia has officially blamed Zionists explicitly (meaning all Jews) for being in partnership with Al Qaeda in the TERRORIST attacks against the Royal Kingdom.

It’s just one more lie the Saudis wish to use to delude their people from reality. Blame the Jews, and no one will blame them. But however they decide to deceive their people, it will not change the fury of their own making that is heading their way.

If I was them (the Saudi Royal Family), I’d be shitting bricks.

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  1. obumass told us the electric bill would “necessarily go up” and that he would put the coal companies out of business, but the lazy, ignorant people who wanted a free ride on the tax payer’s money elected him anyway. His actions speak much louder than his lies. He has insulted Israel over & over again ! He invited terrorist to our WH ! Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself. He is going by the book , Rules For Radicals , as he destroys our nation right before our eyes. This man is Pure Evil.

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