When Paul Martin Is Upstaged By Brian Mulroney.

Yesterday, winning the campaign for the Prime Minister's Office was all about Paul Martin's appeal. But that was yesterday.

It kills me to say that Brian Mulroney did Canada proud at the funeral of Ronald Reagan. While Canada’s current Prime Minister couldn’t be bothered to attend. He was too busy.

Adrienne Clarkson, Canada’s stuck-up Governor General and titular Head of State was at the funeral representing Canada. It’s just too bad no one even knew she was there. And if they did: So what?

At least Canada was represented by a former Prime Minister who was personally asked by Nancy Reagan to make a eulogy for her very popular husband; America’s 40th President.

Regardless of the negative things I think of Brian Mulroney, he is indeed a great speaker and an invaluable link between Canada and the USA. Therefore; as a Canadian, I appreciate what he did.

I don’t really know why Paul Martin stayed away from the funeral, other than perhaps, he didn’t want to be upstaged by Brian Mulroney.

But not going was yet another slap in the face to the Americans and another missed opportunity to shore up our relationship with our Southern neighbor which purchases just about everything Canada exports.

Perhaps this is lost on Paul Martin.

Paul Martin stands in the same category as Jacques Chirac, France’s Prime Minister who was also too busy to hang around in the USA for an extra day after the G8 Summit in Georgia.

If I was Paul Martin, I wouldn’t be too proud of finding myself allied with the likes of Jacques Chirac, much less compared to him.

In the final analysis, not going to the funeral further diminished the respect many people should have for our existing Prime Minister. As I’ve written in the past, Paul Martin is becoming an expert at demonstrating bad judgement.

If the polls and trends can be believed; by the time we Canadians show up to vote for a new Parliament, Stephen Harper and his Conservatives might very likely be poised to win a majority; partly because of their platform and campaign strategy, but mostly because of Paul Martin.

It’s interesting how things turn around in the most unpredictable ways.

Yesterday, winning the campaign for the Prime Minister’s Office was all about Paul Martin’s appeal. While today, losing the Prime Minister’s Office for the Liberals seems to be because of the lack of Paul Martin’s appeal.

Perhaps in the greater scheme of things, not going to Reagan’s funeral was no big deal in itself. But in the final analysis, it was just one more demonstration of poor Paul Martin judgement, and one more reason not to vote for Paul Martin and his Liberals.

It was also one more reason to give the Conservatives another look.

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