Voting For A Party Out Of Selfish Interests.

It's as if the Liberals are running a campaign for themselves, while the Conservatives are running a campaign that reflects what the people want.

I’ve been having an ongoing email conversation with one of my Toronto friends who really isn’t impressed with Paul Martin or the Liberals, but will nonetheless vote for them out of what he describes as selfish reasons.

I explained to him that I will be voting for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives; also for selfish reasons.

Paul Martin has to be one of the greatest disappointments to enter Canadian politics since Joe (who) Clark. Here he was (Martin), with a huge lead in Quebec, and tremendous personal support throughout the rest of Canada as the man to replace Jean Chretien.

And as soon as he took the reigns of power, and had to actually lead, his inability to do so became glaringly apparent.

Instead of riding his stellar popularity to at least four more years in the Prime Minister’s Office, he will be lucky if the Conservatives don’t form a majority government on his watch.

It was all Paul Martin’s to lose. And lose, now seems to be a certainty.

The people who will vote Liberal will do so for various reasons. Here are some of them in no particular order of importance:

1 The Liberals are not Conservatives.

2 My great grandfather voted Liberal. My grandfather voted Liberal. My father voted Liberal. And I will vote Liberal too. So there!

3 People are scared by the Liberal negative campaign ads launched against the Conservatives concerning social issues such as: a Woman’s Right to Choose, Gay Marriages and Healthcare. Whether the charges are true or not seem to be irrelevant.

4 They’re going to vote without paying attention, or questioning the truthfulness of the campaign platforms. This is far more the norm, than it is the exception in Canadian politics.

On the other hand, I will vote for Harper’s Conservatives for a list of entirely different selfish reasons. In no particular order of importance they are:

1) They will reduce taxes.

2) They will either outright end, or substantially curtail corporate welfare.

3) They will have preset election dates.

4) They will let their MP’s vote freely on all issues other than money bills.

5) They will debate virtually all government spending through the House of Commons.

6) They will reestablish our close relations with the USA.

7) They will allow for a far more efficient “privatized” national government-paid healthcare service.

8) They will turn over much of the social governance to the provinces.

9) They will gut the CRTC allowing Canadians FREE CHOICE over what they want to see on television. And will probably make it easier for regular Canadians to own and operate radio stations.

10) They will take tax dollars away from many of the special interest groups, better known as NGO’s (non government organizations).

11) They will gut, sell, close, or modernize Crown Corporations such as the CBC.

12) They will be far friendlier to Israel than the current Liberal government which falls all over itself to march in lockstep with Islamist and Arab Despots to continuously condemn Israel at the United Nations.

13) They will make criminals, including violent youth criminals more responsible for their actions.

14) They will get government out of our faces, and appoint Supreme Court Justices who will rule on existing laws opposed to creating them.

15) They will give Quebec far more autonomy, without the rest of Canada having to bow to Quebec’s constant demands. Just for that I’d vote for them.

16) They will actually deport immigrants who have been ordered by the courts to be deported. What a refreshing concept.

There’s much more to the Conservative Party’s fresh approach that I approve of than some of their policies I don’t approve of.

I am Pro Women’s Choice when it comes to reproduction. I am Pro Gay and Lesbian marriage rights. I am Pro a TOTAL separation of Church and State, although I have no reason to believe Harper’s position is otherwise; with the exception that there seems to be a religious bent to many within the Conservative Party.

I realize that everything one wants in a political Party, one does not get. Therefore; it’s important to measure which Party is going to come closest to the issues that are of most importance to you, and measure them against the issues that bother you the most.

In the case of the Conservatives versus the Liberals, there is little to no contest.

Nothing the Liberals have thus far brought to the campaign table is significant, while virtually everything the Conservatives have introduced is fresh, new and makes sense.

It’s as if the Liberals are running a campaign for themselves, while the Conservatives are running a campaign that reflects what the people want.

That’s a mighty big difference.

I don’t believe for a second that the Conservatives are going to roll back the Right for women to choose. Nor do I believe they will be able to do substantial harm to Gay’s and Lesbian’s rights to be treated equally.

And as for the religious stuff. I’m not worried, since most Members of the House of Commons will never sacrifice themselves on the alter of religious fundamentalism.

For the rest of the Conservative platform. It’s all good.

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  1. To understand just how twisted and sick the lefties are, I suggest everyone watches the video that James O’Keefe (the conservative journalist), recently filmed undercover, of the leftie Hollywood enviro filmmaker Josh Tickel. It is absolutely shocking! Tickel was ready and willing to take money from James, who posed as a Saudi oil billionaire, for the purpose of funding a new anti-fracking movie. The left will do everything in their power to shut us down.

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