There Is The civilized World. The Arab World. And Saudi Arabia.

In terms of human rights. There are only the rights the Royal Family bestows upon the public, and what the Wahabi clerics permit.

Two nights ago (June 7, 2004) near midnight, I watched a Saudi talking-head on BBC’s Hard Talk. The Saudi was absolutely articulate in the English language, with just a hint of a cultured Anglo European accent.

He was young, very well educated, good looking (resembling King Abdullah of Jordan), and dressed like he just stepped off the front cover of GQ.

His official title had something to do with information on the behalf of the Saudi government. But who knows with them, since titles in the Saudi Kingdom are a dime a dozen.

To hear him speak of the Saudi government and kingdom, you’d believe he was talking about the mythical Shangri-la, where everyone was happy living under the benevolence of the Royal Family.

You would not imagine for a second, that he was talking about the same Saudi Arabia which imprisoned, tortured and condemned to kill Canadian William Samson on contrived charges.

Samson, who was finally freed as a result of extraordinary pressure put on the Kingdom from the Canadian government, was only one of many Westerners who was rotting in Saudi detention.

Other foreigners at the mercy of Saudi Arabia have not been quite as lucky as Samson.

As a special note: The Canadian government had to be bullied and embarrassed by Samson’s family, friends and supporters to pressure the Saudi government for Samson’s release.

The Ministry of Canadian Foreign Affairs, which is never shy to vote at the UN to condemn Israel on behalf of despotic Arab nations and fundamentalist Islamists, didn’t want to offend the Saudis by demanding the release of an innocent Canadian citizen who was condemned to die after a kangaroo Saudi trial. Not to mention the confession drawn out of Samson by the use of Saudi torture.

As the Saudi PR guy continued, you’d never have thought he was speaking of a society that places less value on women than it does on race horses.

Or that half the population (women) can not show their face, hair or body. Not even an ankle. Nor are women permitted to walk alone in public, drive a vehicle, own property, vote (as if voting was important in a tyranny), or enter into contractual agreements.

In terms of human rights. There are only the rights the Royal Family bestows upon the public, and what the Wahabi clerics permit. There is nothing else.

As for religious tolerance, it is against the law to openly practice any other religion in Saudi Arabia other than their approved sects of Islam. It is also absolutely against the law to proselytize in Saudi Arabia. And Christianity is barely tolerated as long as it is invisible and silent.

Jews are entirely persona-non-grata in Saudi Arabia. People with an Israeli stamp in their passport are not even allowed to enter the kingdom. And Saudi Arabia’s official “Jewish” doctrine continues to demonize Jews through the obscene use of their controlled media, the Blood Libel lies, and the fraudulent Protocol of the Elders of Zion.

Saudi financed Madrases worldwide, are Islamic schools (institutes) where young boys learn about Mohamed, the Koran, Allah and how to hate Jews, Christians, Infidels by all other description, Modernity and the West.

It is through these Islamic centers where the likes of the 9/11 murderers came from; of which 15 of the 19 were Saudis.

It is in these “Islamic Institutes” where evil is taught, and hatred for all things not Islamic to their standards is honed to a sharp edge.

Saudi Arabia made a deal with the devil. Actually, one devil (the Saudis) made a deal with another devil (Al Qaeda) who promised not to whack the Saudi Kingdom and any of the thousands of Saudi princes in exchange for money, infrastructure and security.

Unfortunately for the Saudis, their deal has come back to bite them on the ass.

The Saudi mouth-piece also sloughed off the huge number of unemployed and outrageous poverty in his filthy rich nation. Or how useless the Saudi elitist class is at doing anything but spending money.

In the Hard Talk interview, this slick representative of the Saudi government stated with pride how Saudi Arabia is moving somewhat to modernize itself, but will always be an absolute monarchy. As if that was a good thing.

The interviewer never spoke of, nor questioned what I just wrote in the preceding.

Saudi Arabia is always treated with kid-gloves, even though everyone with eyes, ears and half a brain knows that it is indeed a pariah state. But they’ve got money. Our money. And lots of it. Enough to buy the pretense of respectability.

In the end, the interviewer asked if Saudi Arabia is somewhat responsible for the TERRORIST attacks that have now come home to haunt them? The Saudi’s answer was velvety smooth.

We’ve made some mistakes he said, but we’ve learned from our mistakes, and everything is now fine, or it’s going to be fine.

I wish upon the House of Saud, and all the supporters of this evil Thugocracy; including the Westerners who earn their blood-money from these despots, the same misery the Royal Family has personally caused humanity throughout the world.

If all the Saudis disappeared from the face of the earth right now; they will not be missed. At least not by me. And the world would be a far better place for their departure.

Take away oil – their ONLY resource which they can’t even get out of the ground themselves, and all you will have are nutcase Islamic fundamentalist Arabs eating dust, riding camels, and beating their woman in their macho society.

Imagine: These are the people who are holding the entire world hostage.

Are we schmucks or what?

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  1. Howard, you wrote….”Europe is in a CRISIS of joblessness, high costs, high taxes, smothering regulations, a never-ending bureaucracy, and a system about to collapse under its own Social Welfare Weight, not to mention a CULTURAL invasion of Moslem Fundamentalists.” Gees! That sounds like a description of OUR Country. It’s very sad to say that, these days, people just DON’T care nor understand anything UNTIL they experience certain situations themselves…….and, sadly, they soon will!

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