Ronald Reagan – Too Good For The Toadies Of The International Community.

The fact that the world can sleep at night without the nuclear threat from the "Evil Empire" can be attributed to the Gipper.

It is quite remarkable how people who’ve done nothing to really further the cause of peace seem to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

The most glowing insult to the integrity of what this prize should stand for, was best demonstrated with its awarding to Yasser Arafat, the father of modern day TERRORISM.

Although I’ve never heard of one instant where Arafat purposefully placed his life or well being on the line in face to face combat, he has literally sent thousands to their horrible deaths.

Arafat is not just responsible for introducing airplane highjackings and suicide bombings that has murdered and maimed Jews as well as others worldwide, he is also responsible for the deaths of countless Palestinians and Arabs of other nationalities.

Arafat caused the murder of more than 6,000 people when he tried to overthrow King Hussein in Jordan (1970). He was also up to his neck in the Lebanese Civil War that destroyed the Middle East’s most vibrant Arab society.

Arafat encouraged children in Gaza and the West Bank to throw sticks and stones at Israeli soldiers and armored equipment to paint a picture of Palestinian Davids facing Israeli Goliaths.

He also lied to the world time and time again. He cheated his people out of billions of aid dollars from the international community, yet; he still won the Nobel Peace Prize (1994).

Koffi Anan won the Nobel Peace Prize (2001) even though he presided over the UN Agency that allowed the murder of (reportedly) 800,000 people in Rwanda. He also did nothing to stop the genocide in Kosovo. That was left to NATO.

Former President Jimmy Carter, America’s most ineffective and harmful modern leader won the Nobel Peace Prize (2002) for an event that didn’t happen; the nuclear disarmament treaty with North Korea.

No two men in the 20th century did more to save the world from tyranny than Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan. To speak of one in this context is to speak of both.

Churchill stood like the Rock Of Gibralter against the tide of Nazism and the voices of European capitulation.

Ronald Reagan single-handedly brought down the Berlin Wall and Soviet Communism in-spite of the howls from world appeasers, cowards and threats from Russia.

Yet; neither of these two icons who really did save the world were ever nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing about REAL PEACE through their personal courage, intestinal fortitude, vision, and conviction.

When I was a Liberal (not that long ago), I derided Ronald Reagan like most “good” Canadians. I thought of Reagan as if he was some kind of a joke and comedy figure. I laughed at his verbal mistakes, and never took him seriously.


The fact that Germany didn’t conquer all of Europe and finish their job of murdering Jews rests solely in the “Churchillian” efforts of Winston Churchill.

The fact that the world can sleep at night without the nuclear threat from the “Evil Empire” can be attributed to the Gipper.

The world lost a great man this past week. And even though the elitists at the Nobel Committee chose not to bestow upon him the honor he so richly deserves, just as they shunned Winston Churchill, there is no doubt in my mind that Ronald Reagan can never be adequately thanked in life or in death for what he gave to mankind.

Perhaps, his greatest honor is in the fact that he and Churchill were not chosen by International Toadies who award their highest prize to do-nothings like Koffi Anan and TERRORIST scum like Yasser Arafat.

Just as I am grateful to the men and women who fought (died) for my freedom from the outset of World War II to date, I will be just as grateful to President Ronald Reagan; an American President of distinction, who did more to guarantee my freedom, and the freedom of the world, than anyone in modern time other than Sir Winston Churchill.

Thank You Mr President. May You Rest In Peace.

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  1. “My hope . . . is that America and Canada will stop living as if nothing is wrong, guided by failed Socialist ideals . . . ”
    “An evil man (country) is held captive by his (it’s) own sins; they are ropes that catch and hold him (it). He (they) will die for lack of self-control; he (they) will be lost because of his (it’s) great foolishness (Proverbs 5: 22 – 23).
    I hope that America, would WAKE-UP, to it’s immoral conditions, and QUIT going down the road of ‘immorality’. (Proverbs 5)

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