PEACE – Big Trouble For The Palestinians.

Israel needs no approbation from anyone to pull out of where they are not wanted, and agree they should not be. The Israelis only need to leave. And the Palestinians only need to say good riddance.

I watched Saeb Erekat, the “Chief Negotiator” for the Palestinian Authority being interviewed on CNN yesterday (June 3, 2004).

Erekat is in the USA lobbying to get the moribund “Road Map To Nowhere” back on track, as if it was ever going anywhere in the first place.

His huge beef is with Israel’s unilateral decision to pull its troops and settlements out of Gaza, without conferring with him and his Palestinian Authority.

What the hell is Erekat’s problem?

Erekat, along with other useless Palestinian talking-heads have been screaming to everyone who will listen about the OCCUPATION.

Once the Israeli troops and settlers leave Gaza: that will be the end of that occupation.

Isn’t this what the Palestinians want? So, what’s to negotiate?

The problem with Erekat is his insignificance.

As long as the Israelis played the Palestinian game of what the Palestinians called negotiations, he was a big man on campus. But now, he appears to be exactly as he really is. A pipsqueak living off the purse of international charity.

Israel needs no approbation from anyone to pull out of where they are not wanted, and agree they should not be. The Israelis only need to leave. And the Palestinians only need to say good riddance.

But that’s not in the interest of Saeb Erekat and his fellow Palestinian do-nothings.

The other reason why Erekat is in the USA is to somehow get the Americans and Europeans to set up badly needed Palestinian elections – as he described it.

If the Palestinians are so capable of taking care of themselves, and are such a democratic people, as the likes of Erekat have been spewing for years; of what need do they have of the Americans and Europeans to help them with their elections?

It’s not that big a deal. Freedom loving people have democratic elections everywhere in the world without the help, advice, or intervention of anyone.

The Palestinians already have an infrastructure, and they’ve already had a sham that passed for an election. All they have to do now; is do it again. Or does Erekat admit that Palestinian Democracy is an oxymoron?

Erekat is also asking the Egyptians to provide some kind of security in Gaza while the Palestinians rebuild their security force. I wonder how many militias Yasser Arafat will want to command this time around?

There is also another reality in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians; the security fence is working.

The Arab TERRORISTS Can’t easily get into Israel. And because of the fence, Israel no longer has to occupy West Bank towns for Israeli security.

The worst thing that can happen to the Palestinian rulers is happening. They are going to have govern.

Once Israel made the decision to unilaterally disengage from the Palestinians, it was the beginning of the end for Arafat, Erekat and all the other Palestinian despots and sycophants.

Why bother with cutthroats, thieves and liars when you can simply put up a separation wall to keep them out of your life? This is what Israel has done, and it isn’t all that good for the leadership of a failed people.

In reverse however; the “Wall” is proving to be great for Israel. And if this strategy continues to deliver these kind of results, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon deserves to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

After-all, Sharon is doing what no one else was able to do before him. He will actually force an equitable peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis more or less along the lines of Oslo and The Road Map. Whether the Palestinians like it or not.

How it’s going to be tweaked later, will be up to whomever will be the Palestinian’s “Chief Negotiator”.

Now that’s an accomplishment!

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  1. I have been surprised at the young people who think they are smart enough to not ‘repeat’. It amazes me that they cannot see the smoke and mirrors… they believe this is going to keep going. I ache when I hear of the pain of the Jewish people. May God help us and may there be peace in Jerusalem!

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