Mutiny On The Good Ship Paul Martin.

Even Warren Kinsella, the once powerful Chretien insider and key advisor is publicly calling for a change in campaign leadership.

It gives me pleasure to watch the high and mighty swing on the vine. I am speaking of Paul Martin and his Liberal Party.

The arrogance of the Liberal Party of Canada has become so unabashed, that it is becoming their undoing. Canadians can live with political incompetence and corruption.

Neither of which should be tolerable, but are nonetheless acceptable by an apathetic citizenry.

But – don’t laugh in the face of the electorate or publicly take them for granted, as if they are nothing more than patsies needed to rubber-stamp your next 4-5 year term at the public trough. This is unacceptable.

The Liberals have not seemed to learn from Brian Mulroney’s fatal error. He treated the people with disdain. And for that, the people decimated his Party. Now it seems to be the turn of the Liberals.

Paul Martin will not lead his Party to oblivion the way Mulroney did to the Progressive Conservatives. But it seems most likely that he will lead it to a probable minority status or to the Official Opposition this time around.

And if either of those two scenarios occur, the Liberals will be in deep trouble the next time the country goes to the polls.

The sin of hubris is rapidly becoming the unraveling of a Canadian political juggernaut, so much so, that just a week or so into the campaign, Paul Martin’s stumbling.

Martin’s on the defensive. He’s not introducing bright new ideas. And he’s being encouraged by Party insiders to gut his campaign team.

Imagine, the game has already started, and the team is being encouraged to get rid of the coach while play is in action.

Even Warren Kinsella, the once powerful Chretien insider and key advisor is publicly calling for a change in campaign leadership.

In the navy this would be called a mutiny.

When the Prime Minister of Canada kicked off his election campaign by attacking the Americans, you have to know that the game-plan is either weak or non existent.

At first, I thought Paul Martin’s comments about Canada being nothing like the USA were bizarre. But now I realize that he has nothing else of any consequence to say.

Paul Martin can not run on a platform of political integrity, since his Party hosted the greatest known theft in Canadian political history.

He can’t campaign on a platform of MP reform, since he screwed the electoral process by handpicking the Liberal candidates he wanted over the furious protests of his own riding associations.

He can’t campaign on a balanced budget, reduced taxes, and debt repayment, since he’s already given away much of the contents of the cookie jar.

So what can he campaign on? We’re not Americans seems to be it.

Jean Chretien handed Paul Martin a poison pill when Martin took over as Prime Minsister. But that didn’t mean Martin had to swallow it. After all is said and done, Paul Martin will be the architect of his own probable collapse.

If Stephen Harper stays the course and on-message, as I am certain he will, it looks to me as if there might be a real welcome sea-change in Canadian politics. One that’s long overdue.

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  1. Howard, I have long suspected that you have been reading my mind and now I’m sure of it. I’ve been quite vocal about the ever increasing visibility (it’s just that the Jew haters are emerging from the closet ) of antisemitism that is emerging worldwide, to anyone that would listen. All to often when speaking to my fellow Jews, I detect that my words are falling on deaf years. It is frightening to be witnessing Jews lining up once again for a march to eternity via hate and violence.

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