If The Arabs Don’t Like What They See – They Shouldn’t Look In The Mirror.

The negative coverage they receive is more than fair, honest and well founded. In other words; they deserve what they get.

I have recently been flooded with articles published by pro-Arabs, specifically Saudi Arabians who claim that they are being unfairly targeted by the Western media, mostly because of the “powerful” Jewish American lobby.

The Arabs who are disturbed by this are both right and wrong in their claim.

Where they are right, is in their belief that much of the negative press they are receiving is being caused somewhat by the “powerful” Jewish American lobby.

Where they are wrong, is that they are being unfairly targeted.

The negative coverage they receive is more than fair, honest and well founded. In other words; they deserve what they get. And it’s not just America’s Jews who have their number.

The fact that the American Jewish community is “powerful”, is nothing for America’s Jews to be ashamed of. They work hard at being Americans, and get involved at all levels of society for the betterment of their country.

American Jews are major contributors to political Parties, not to promote Judaism, but rather to make America better for everyone.

American Jews are leaders in the Civil Rights Movement as was acknowledged by the late Martin Luther King Junior, and are world leaders and contributors in medicine, the arts, humanities and technologies.

Why aren’t the Arabs with their gazillions of dollars?

Through arduous work, investment, entrepreneurship, and risk, America’s Jewish population has earned its place within the American melting pot, and its right to be a “powerful” lobby.

American Jewish leaders and their community do not condemn individuals or groups based upon religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender or political beliefs.

Middle Eastern Arabs and Islamists do.

American Jews do not call for the destruction of Moslem or Arab countries; not even Palestine and Palestinians, like virtually all Middle Eastern Arabs call for the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews.

American Jews do not believe people of certain nationalities and religions should be banned from entering America.

However, most Arab countries will not allow Israelis to visit, or non Israelis with an Israeli stamp in their passport; much less Jews of any national origin.

Saudi Arabia is a perfect example of this racism.

American Jews are at the forefront of defending individual rights which include absolute equality between the sexes, and the rights of Gays and Lesbians to marry within their own gender.

To even hint of these two fundamental rights in many Arab and Moslem countries would spell death. Saudi Arabia at the head of the pack.

American Jews are proud of the incredible accomplishments of the tiny state of Israel which has excelled in everything we in the West value, in spite of having no natural resources of any value, and at being in a vicious state of war for its entire life.

What recent (in the past 1,000 years) accomplishments can the Arabs point to?

Had this type of “powerful” Jewish lobby existed in the 1930’s, there would have been no Holocaust. I am beyond pleased that it exists today.

As I see it, the Arabs have several choices. They could clean up their act. Or they can stop complaining at being portrayed as the despots they are.

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  1. Thank you, Howard, for voicing my deep and immediate concerns regarding this matter. I also see it coming.
    Just look at what the City of Ottawa is allowing: an exhibition at City Hall of Palestinian artwork and photos of at least five noted terrorists.
    Best of luck with your message.
    Norman Simon

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