As Usual – This Federal Election Is All About Quebec.

Martin's decision to hand-pick Jean Lapierre as his Quebec Lieutenant sends off clanging warning bells.

Member of Parliament, Paul Martin, Canada’s current “unelected” Prime Minister kicked off his campaign to become Canada’s elected Prime Minister with a shot at the Americans.

We are not Americans. We are nothing like Americans. We don’t want to be Americans. We are Canadians. These are the sentiments of Paul Martin.

Why all of this rhetoric against the Americans? Especially when virtually ALL of our exports are sold South of the Border?

The last time I looked; the USA had nothing to say about who we elect as our Prime Minister.

Nonetheless; Canada should not forget the time our Ambassador to the USA (former Prime Minister Jean Chretien’s nephew) Raymond Chretien opened his big mouth and campaigned for Gore over Bush.

He’s no longer Canada’s Ambassador to the USA (no kidding). Now he’s Canada’s Ambassador to France. Most fitting.

Martin’s attack on America is multi-fold. He wants to paint Harper as being too pro American, especially as a tax-cutter. And he wants to suck-up to Canada’s Leftist base who hate Americans more than they like Martin or his Liberals.

During the pre election ad war, one of the first Liberal television ads showed images of the Iraq war. The copy read: If Harper was Prime Minister, Canada would be in this war. Powerful stuff.

French Quebecers have a strange love/hate affair with the USA. They love to soak up the Florida and California sunshine, especially in Florida where their winter numbers are in the hundred’s of thousands.

They enjoy daily French Quebec newspapers. French language radio broadcasts. French owned and operated restaurants and retail stores. And whole French Quebec communities where the flag they fly is Quebec’s nationalist Fleur de Lis.

But as a group, they mostly don’t like the Americans. In case you forgot or didn’t know, the majority of French Quebecers, including the former Prime Minister Jean Chretien, believe the USA had it (somewhat) coming on 9/11.

For Martin to campaign by smacking around Americans in French Quebec is a positive thing. Not to our American friends perhaps. And not to the rest of Canada. But certainly to French Quebec nationalists.

Martin has also made it clear that recognizing Quebec as being more than just a province like the others is a major factor in his vision of Canada, a vision shared by his support for the failed Meech Lake, Charlottetown Accord and Calgary Declaration. All of which would have recognized Quebec as a Distinct Society.

Martin’s decision to hand-pick Jean Lapierre as his Quebec Lieutenant sends off clanging warning bells. Lapierre is the once upon a time Liberal Member of Parliament who crossed the floor to establish the Separatist Bloc Québécois in partnership with Lucien Bouchard.

Both of whom were turncoats to their respective parties.

And now Lapierre’s back.

After a sojourn as a radio talk-show host on Montreal’s French language CKAC, Lapierre has decided to give federal politics another try. Strangely though; not as a member of the Bloc Québécois which he co-founded, but as a Liberal.

How does one go from being a federalist, to a traitor of his once federalist cause, and back to being a federalist with so little effort?

More than that. How does a national leader (Paul Martin) give the keys to the front door of federalism to someone who has already proven himself to be unworthy of the trust?

But Martin’s not alone.

Jack Layton of the NDP has pledged to recognize Quebec as a Nation if his Party wins. I have a real problem with that, unless it means au revoir to Quebec.

Yet; with all of these generous “gifts” and promises to Quebec from the federalist leaders tripping over themselves to buy-off Quebec voters, the majority of French Quebecers will still vote for the Separatist Bloc Québécois.

And those that won’t – mostly won’t not because of their love or affinity for Canada. But rather, because Canada in their mind is a somewhat better deal TODAY than a “sovereign” Quebec. But that will change as it always does.

To summarize:

Martin, the Bloc and the NDP are bending over backwards to crap on the Americans to satisfy the anti-US vote with much of it coming from Quebec.

Canada is once again the after-thought of these Parties vying for the love of Quebec.

Paul Martin was right when he said this might be Canada’s most important election, because, if the Liberals are sent back to Ottawa as the government, Canada will indeed pay a heavy price on the altar of once again appeasing Quebec for the umpteenth time.

I will vote Conservative, and do my utmost to convince others to vote Conservative for a whole host of reasons, none the least being, that the Conservatives have not forgotten that there is more to Canada than just Quebec.

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  1. Howard I am as concerned as you are–I definitely have my eyes open–for a long time now! Just don’t understand why others are not as concerned. I support your pledge ride and thank you for trying to make others aware of this critical issue.

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