The Arab Rules Of Engagement

The Arab fighters are famous for using ambulances, women, children and Mosques to hide behind as shields.

Yesterday (May 20, 2004), A group of American soldiers opened fire on what is being described as an Iraqi wedding party close to the Syrian border. Quite a few Iraqi men, women and children were wounded and killed.

I’d give a number count, but of what purpose, since the Arabs like to inflate numbers to suit their propaganda needs. Remember the Jenin massacre that never happened?

As it turns out according to the Iraqis, the Americans mistook celebratory gunfire for hostile fire. How stupid of the Americans.

Doesn’t everyone know that the way to celebrate a happy occasion like a wedding, is to fire your AK47 into the air?

Just the other day, I mentioned to my wife, that we better check the ammo and firing mechanism on the AK47, just in case we’re invited to a Bar Mitzah. You never know.

The American version of the story is somewhat different.

According to the Americans, there were a group of armed Syrian fighters amongst the celebrating wedding party. But the Americans didn’t know anything about a wedding.

All the Americans knew, was that there were armed insurgents they were tracking who were firing their guns. As a result, “innocent” people died.

The other day, Israel killed and wounded several Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza. There too it was “innocent” people who died while expressing their freedom to demonstrate. But like the group in Iraq, amongst them were armed combatants.

As a side-bar: The Palestinians are only free to demonstrate against Israel or the West. Let them try to demonstrate against Arafat or Hamas, and you’d see some crowd control Palestinian style.

The Arab fighters are famous for using ambulances, women, children and Mosques to hide behind as shields. Nonetheless, when an “innocent” Arab bystander gets hurt or killed while in the presence of armed combatants, the international outrage is inevitable.


The Leftists are always quick to search out their famous ROOT CAUSE. How about being with armed thugs could get you killed? Isn’t that a pretty good ROOT CAUSE?

Another Arab/Moslem issue that bothers me is the plethora of holy cities.

The Catholics have the Vatican, which is more of a tiny sovereign territory than a city.

The Protestants have the Archdiocese of Canterbury, which is more of a building than a city.

The Sikhs have the Golden Temple in Amristar, which is also a building.

The Buddhists have Jokhang Temple in Lhasa Tibet, yet another building.

And the Jews have the Wailing Wall of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. A wall.

But for Moslems, it seems that every other city is holy. I mention this only because the Americans and Israelis are always raked over the coals for attacking their enemies who hide and organize in holy cities.

Why can’t the news networks just say that US forces are fighting in the city of Karbala, or the city of Najaf, without the prefix HOLY. Somehow, designating the city as holy puts the good-guys at a definite public relations disadvantage.

Who wants to be seen attacking something holy? A city no less.

I also find it disconcerting when the media report with a hint of outrage, when American forces fire on a Mosque, even in self-defense, as if the Mosque should be absolutely hands-off, when the building is used as a military or TERRORIST staging ground.

The Westernized democracies should stop judging the actions of our troops in the Middle East by our civilized standards and sense of fair-play, since those are absolutely foreign concepts to the Arab Middle East.

The Arabs want us to play by our rules, while they play by their own. A fair comparison would be telling two fighters in a boxing ring:

You, the small and weak guy. You don’t have to wear gloves, and you’re allowed to punch, kick, bite, gouge and hit below the belt.

And to the other guy in the ring who is the best of all fighters: You better abide by all the rules or you’ll be disqualified.

That’s what the West is up against in the Arab world.

What makes it even worse, is that the Arabs have eager accomplices in the Western Media, the EU, the UN, and the civil rights groups like Amnesty International.

Just today (May 21, 2004) on CNN’s noon hour Wolf Blitzer show, Blitzer was interviewing James Zogby, President of the Arab American Institute along with a British correspondent whose name I don’t know.

Zogby said that America must do more than just apologize to the Arab world in reference to the Iraqi prisoner abuse. America needs to apologize to Americans as well, AND THEN DO MORE! What more he didn’t say.

But the British guest made an interesting point. How come the USA must apologize until the cows come home for the actions of a few, while the Saudis never apologized for the actions of many in regards to 9/11?

Zogby’s response was classic. THERE’S NO COMPARISON.

He was right. There is no comparison. Americans never slaughtered 3,000 innocent people in a TERRORIST attack, and then blamed the Israelis as the Saudi royal family did.

I sincerely hope the Americans are making arrangements to move out of Iraq the day the Iraqis assume control of their own country on June 30, 2004.

That day will be a reason for America to celebrate: without the gunfire.

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  1. Please repeat this editorial again soon . You’ve hit an exposed nerve , You are so obviously correct . You are a brave & perceptive individual . I love the opening header on this post concerning those who refuse to see the obvious . Thank you so much for all you do , believe me ,this nation is made up of way too many of those types blinded by the completely fraudulent Communist / Marxist Media . Bless you Howard Galganov, Jc

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