The Usual Suspects Are Deriding Israel’s Gaza Policy.

Arafat walked away from the Camp David Peace talks with the lesson of Hezbollah. TERRORIZE the Israelis and they'll cave in.

This past week was the real end for peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. When talking doesn’t work, and the person you’re talking to is either a liar, a thug or both, it becomes time for less talk and more action.

In the year 2000, Ehud Barak, Israel’s Prime Minister at that time, and onetime General who served and led with distinction, made an extraordinary peace gesture to Hezbollah, the Iranian and Syrian supported Islamic TERRORIST group.

Barak unilaterally ordered the evacuation of all Israeli troops from the security strip separating South Lebanon from Israel.

In Barak’s mind, he thought this gesture would invite a counter gesture of goodwill from the Arabs. He was wrong. VERY WRONG!

Instead of seeing this action as a move towards conciliation, the Arabs saw it only as a sign of Israeli weakness. And instead of reciprocating, the Arabs stepped up the violence.

None of this was lost on Arafat.

Arafat walked away from the Camp David Peace talks with the lesson of Hezbollah. TERRORIZE the Israelis and they’ll cave in.

I don’t blame Barak for trying to do the right thing in Southern Lebanon. He had to try something. And now we all know the results.

Israel is a country of only 5 million Jews, surrounded by more than 300 million hostile Arabs. The fact that Israel not only exists, but is an economic, social and military wonder in spite of the constant threats and attacks, is proof positive that it is not governed by idiots.

Israel knows that just one major mistake will spell the end of its existence. Even this past week, in a speech to his Palestinian people, Arafat once again called for the destruction of Israel and the subsequent death to the Jews.

None of this is lost on most of the Israeli leadership and military.

There are no more negotiations. Why should there be? With whom should Israel negotiate? With Arafat; the Jew hating TERRORIST thug who says one thing in his peace-loving voice to the EU and the UN, while in his real voice he exhorts his people to murder Jews?

Israel has come to the realization that there is only one way to end the so-called cycle of violence and protect its people from Arab/Palestinian TERRORIST attacks.


The Palestinians have demanded that Israel leave Gaza and the West Bank. So that’s what Israel’s in the process of doing. But not like they left Southern Lebanon.

When Israel finally pulls out of Gaza, the Palestinians will have nothing to crow about.

There will be no Palestinian victory. No celebration that the “brave” Palestinian “freedom fighters” drove out the Jews. There will only be death and destruction.

Arafat had the generous peace deal with honor in his hands at Camp David in the year 2000, which he crumpled and threw into the garbage heap of history.

The grizzly television scenes of death, destruction and wounded Palestinians in Gaza at the hands of the Israeli military makes anyone with a normal sensitivity cringe. Myself included. But what choice does Israel have, other than national suicide?

The visuals of this horror have invited the condemnation from the usual suspects: the UN, EU, the Arab world and the regular human rights watch-dog groups who all seem to be blind to the murder, maiming and suffering of Israeli Jews.

In Gaza, Israel is playing by Arab rules. If you’re going to beat your enemy. JUST DO IT!.

At the Economic Summit last weekend in Jordan, King Abdullah advised the USA to install an Arab strongman in Iraq, and get out. Abdullah knows.

His grandfather, King Abdullah the first, died at the hands of Islamists at the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. King Hussein, his late father almost lost Jordan to a combined attack by Arafat’s Palestinians and Syrian forces in September 1970. And only with the help of Israel; did his father beat back his enemies.

When Abdullah says to install a strongman, he means a leader not frightened to reign horror upon those who would oppose him. Much like Saddam Hussein did. Perhaps that’s why the Jordanian monarchy and Saddam Hussein were so close.

Another example is the late leader of Syria, Hafez al Assad, who murdered as many, and maybe more than 30,000 men, women and children in a suburb of the Syrian City of Hama, the home and hotbed of the Moslem Brotherhood.

After a month-long bombardment of this Moslem quarter, from February 2, 1999 to the end of February, no Syrian leader ever again heard a peep from the Moslem Brotherhood. They got the message.

These are the rules by which Sharon is playing.

When Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s troops finally do pull out of Gaza, there will be only one reality. Israel will have left on its own accord, leaving behind a beaten and humiliated enemy, who would understand the consequences before attacking the Jewish state again.

Unlike the Geneva Convention; these are the rules of engagement of the Arab Middle East. Rules the Arabs have lived by for thousands of years. Rules by which they will be punished by because they can’t seem to understand any other.

Whether the EU, the UN and any other alphabet combination likes it or not, this is how the game is played in the Middle East. And no one knows it better than Ariel Sharon.

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  1. You really have that much faith in the American electorate? Sadly, I do not. The “Once burned, twice shy”, didn’t apply then, and I do think that given the Democratic Party’s election machine, “You can fool all of the people all of the time”.
    I do fear the outcome in November, and even more so in the future November.

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