The New And Improved Galganov Dot Com

I really hope you like the look and functionality of the NEW Galganov Dot Com. And continue to visit my Site and tell your friends.

A great many of my readers have been suggesting that I modernize Galganov Dot Com by placing a button that allows them to SEND This Editorial To A Friend. It’s done.

But I didn’t stop there.

Others wanted a separate LETTERS SECTION. So I’ve included Letters To The Publisher.

For quick reference, I’ve included LINKS to the US Bill Of Rights. The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms. The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights. The Magna Carta. And The Geneva Convention. All of which are located under the FLAGS on the left hand side.

I’ve restructured the MEDIA LINKS which gives even faster access to almost 200 English language news and views providers throughout the world.

The Links are listed by country in alphabetical order.

It is fascinating to read how differently different parts of the world see and report the same events.

On occasion, a link ceases to exist. When this happens, please inform me and I will have it removed. On the same hand, if you find a good English language news media you think should be included, send the name of the Site and the URL along to me.

We’ve even made the ARCHIVES SECTION easier to navigate.

Beside the new look, you’ll see Google Ads on the top of the page, and to the side of the EDITORIALS. These ads are provided by Google based upon the content of my editorials. So, if you don’t like the ads, don’t blame me.

The good thing about these ads is revenue. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads, Galganov Dot Com receives payment. This Site costs me a great deal of time and money to operate. With this revenue, I hope to at least cover some costs.


The last new addition is the PUBLISHING Section on the MENU. With it, you can now buy discounted books directly through Amazon, with a portion of the revenue going directly to Galganov Dot Com.


You can buy anything you want from the Amazon Site, all of which is profitable to Galganov Dot Com. But the only books I will feature, as you can presently see, are the books I have read and personally endorse.

Thus far, I’ve posted only a few (10) book endorsements. Within the next week however, the suggested book list will grow.

Another innovation is a secure online shopping service provided through e-bay, called PayPal. With this secure service, you can purchase (with a credit card) products Galganov Dot Com will eventually offer.

I will be offering products which are mostly related to social and political issues. But make no mistake about it, Galganov Dot Com is still all about adding a voice. The additional revenue will help in this endeavor.

I really hope you like the look and functionality of the NEW Galganov Dot Com. And continue to visit my Site and tell your friends.

If you have any more suggestions for the Site, let me know.

It’s always a thrill to have people write me about the articles I publish at Galganov Dot Com. The Site might not be the New York Times, but in its own way, it makes a contribution.

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  1. You’ve said it all, Howard! In my opinion, the MAGICIAN-IN-CHIEF is running out of “magic tricks”. Also, there’s not much left in that TROJAN HORSE which could be used to surprise us. It’s very sad, however, that Barack Hussein Obama has succeeded in accomplishing many of his goals regarding the destruction of our Country. God help us all if the Conservatives don’t hold on to the House of Representatives and don’t regain the Senate in November. We will definitely be doomed

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