Some Arabs Were Humiliated. Enough Already!

Who in the Arab world has said they're sorry for the many thousands of innocent people who have been murdered by their heros and martyrs, not to mention the physical and emotional scars that will never heal?

The Arabs have finally found EQUIVALENCE they can hang their Kaffiyas on.

Murdering children in Israel. Exploding passenger trains in Spain. Blowing up a vacation nightspot in Bali. And crashing planes into the Twin Towers has all of a sudden become akin to humiliating some prisoners.

And those are just a minute number of Arab atrocities committed against humanity.

What the few Americans did was wrong. REALLY WRONG! We all get it.

It was bad – VERY VERY BAD! . . . Need we say more?

Everyone who has to, has already said they’re sorry in every way possible. Even the President of the United States said he’s sorry.

Who in the Arab world has said they’re sorry for the many thousands of innocent people who have been murdered by their heros and martyrs, not to mention the physical and emotional scars that will never heal?

I never see or hear contrition after a mass murder carried out by Arabs. I do see the dancing in the streets. The shooting of guns into the air. And the passing of candies to celebrate the sweet victory of murder.

SORRY? Is there such a word in the Arab language of the Middle East?

A lot of Arab leaders expressed their regret at the attack on 9/11. I didn’t hear one of them say that they were sorry for what THEIR people had done. If they were sorry, it was because they probably had a lot of money tied up in the offices of the World Trade Center.

What more do the Arabs want if sorry is not enough?

On May 5, 2004 (please see Archives), I wrote that it is not a great idea for the President of the United States to be apologizing for something a few bad apples did. It was not his job to be telling the Arabs that he was sorry.

He wasn’t in the jail-house. He didn’t order anyone to abuse anyone. And he took immediate action upon discovery.

If a prison guard in a US State penitentiary violated a prisoner? Should the governor apologize to the world and accept personal responsibility? There’s nothing different here.

Here’s one better. By a huge majority, the Arabs hero-worship suicide murderers. They even recruit children and the feeble-minded to commit these atrocities. Now that’s something to apologize for.

Have you heard any Arab leader say I’m sorry? Or have you seen the picture cards of suicide bombers the Arab children trade amongst themselves, the way our children trade baseball cards?

The Arabs, with the help of the media (American) will use these hundreds of horrible photos to further stir the pot of hatred towards America and Americans. As a result of the over eager American media (with others), more Americans will be killed. And more terrorists will be vindicated of the killing because of what a few Americans did.

In my article (5/5/04), I said the Arabs would only see an apology by the Americans, especially by the President as a weakness. And now that Bush has apologized; it isn’t enough. The Arabs have publicly rebuked his goodwill.

Now ain’t that a surprise?

This mess is not quite the mess the media or Congress is making it out to be. Even though some Iraqis were violated, and that’s too bad, it can’t be undone. So move on.

Other than that, nothing else has changed.

As a sidebar to this episode: I was watching one of the “humiliated” Iraqis who was forced to lie naked on top of his also naked comrades give an interview to CNN.

At the end of the interview, he was asked if he could ever forgive the Americans for what they did to him. His answer was no. No surprise there.

And then in a strange twist without any segue that I noticed, he ended his conversation to CNN by saying he would still like to move to the United States.

Go figure.

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  1. Your commentary would be more appropriate if you replaced Obama with GW Bush. Re the VA problems, the truth is Bush sent the troops to be killed and wounded and did not staaff up for the resulting increase in vets needing care on their return … for facts, and sensible arguments, please check out:

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