What’s The Big Deal? – It’s Just A Few Jewish Kids And Their Mother.

The Palestinian murderers shot the mother and her 4 children; first from a distance, and then finished the job up close and personal.

With every new Palestinian outrage against Jews, and what humanity considers civilized, the Palestinians are condemning themselves to a life of eternal pariah status. Soon, their plight will become meaningless to those who could make a real difference and won’t care to.

Yesterday (May 2, 2004), two “brave” Palestinian “militants” ambushed and murdered a woman in her eighth month of pregnancy and her 4 children (infants included) in their car.

According to the Palestinian Authority’s many voices, it apparently takes great courage to gun down 5 Israeli Settlers as was reported on Palestinian radio. The radio station the Israelis subsequently bombed.

It’s too bad the radio reporters and disseminators of Palestinian “HEROISM” forgot to mention that the 5 Israelis happened to be a Pregnant woman (bringing the actual total of murdered Israeli Jews to 6) and her 4 young children.


The Palestinian murderers shot the mother and her 4 children; first from a distance, and then finished the job up close and personal.

What kind of men could shoot a defenceless woman and her 4 children in cold blood from literally inches away?

And what kind of a society that pretends to be civilized, can call the murderers of this woman and her children trapped in a car heros?

Where do you begin to negotiate to make peace with people who celebrate vicious premeditated murder against the defenceless? Where’s the common ground?

The UN, and the usual Israel bashing suspects will find equivalence between this attack by Palestinian “militants” (not TERRORISTS) and Palestinian “civilians” who happen to die while being caught in the line of fire only because the “brave” Palestinian fighters like to hide behind women and children.

There will be no UN condemnation of the Palestinian murderers, or the moral support the murderers received from the Palestinian people at large.

Imagine, had an Israeli or two did the same thing to a pregnant Palestinian woman and her four children, we would hear the outrage without use of television or radio sets.

The world community including Canada, would be tripping over each other in the mad rush to condemn Israel for such an act of barbarism. But it wasn’t Jews who murdered Palestinians, so the outrage doesn’t come. Neither does any meaningful condemnation.

Quite a few years ago, February 25, 1994, a deranged fundamentalist Israeli, Dr Baruch Goldstein shot and killed 29 Arabs at prayer in the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron.

No one condemned this random act of murder with greater outrage than did Israel. Yet, this one act of horror perpetrated by a lone Israeli nut-case, is still held over the head of Israel as if it was a state sanctioned massacre that happened yesterday.

But unlike the murder caused by Goldstein, it will be impossible to long remember this week’s murder of mother and children, since it is only one of a thousand perpetrated upon unarmed and defenceless Jewish Israelis at the hands of Palestinians.

When I was in Israel in April of 2002, the world was frantic over the Jenin massacre that never happened. But there was hardly a word uttered of the woman and children who were murdered in their home at close range by Palestinians, as she attempted in vain to shield her children with her own body.

It was at the Adora West Bank Settlement, on April 27, 2002. 4 dead, 13 wounded. Hardly anyone remembers.

The Palestinians waited for the Sabbath, when the men would be at prayers to enter a Jewish compound and murder women and children.

The premeditated murder of unarmed and unprotected Jewish women and children at the hands of Palestinians has become so commonplace, it is hard to keep track.

But what isn’t hard to keep track of, is the never mentioned “official” international condemnations of the murderers, or the Palestinian Authority, or the Palestinian people who celebrate the inhumanity of it all.

There are many things I would prefer to write about; such as: Canadian politics, American politics, the environment, healthcare, education, government waste, globalization, discrimination, affirmative action, racist language laws in Quebec and even the weather.

But as much as I would like to turn my attention and written interests elsewhere; the murder of people simply because they’re Jews trumps everything else.

I could not live with myself if I sat in silence, while Jews died for the crime of being Jews in the wrong place.

This last happened between 1938 and 1945 in Nazi Europe. No one should ever let that happen again. Least of all a civilized, democratizing, secular world charging head-long towards a real global village.

If there is not enough room for Israeli Jews to live in peace and security, then there is not enough room for anyone.

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  1. From your number 1 fan……………..every article you send out contains nothing but the truth and I’ve told you how much I appreciate your articles many times. I know this probably sounds sadistic but every day I look in the newspapers and watch the national news hopeing to hear that somebody somewhere has come to their senses and impeaches this “fake” president of the United States or for whatever reason he cannot continue as our country’s leader (and I use the word leader losely).

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