Jenin – Massacring the Truth.

All the Israeli reservist wanted from those who wrote, published, and broadcast the Jenin lie, was to have his name, the names of his friends, and the reputation of Israel cleared.

On Wednesday, April 28, 2004, the Global Television Network (Canada) owned by the Asper family out of Winnipeg, ran an incredible documentary on the Jenin lie that became the Massacre Story of the decade.

The Documentary is called “Jenin: Massacring the Truth”: written, directed and produced by Canadian Martin Himmel, a freelance journalist who makes his home in Israel.

The Battle of Jenin took place in mid April 2002.

I was in Israel within two weeks of the end of the battle speaking with Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs. I toured the entire country including Arab villages. And I had the privilege and honor to meet and speak with an Israeli military officer who was in Jenin.

It was the lies and vicious accusations against Israel by the international media and the UN which prompted me to go to Israel, from where I broadcast live radio shows to Canada and the United States to report the truth. Not as I would have liked to have seen it. But how it really was.


Unlike the many false news stories covering this fiction, Himmel went behind the scenes to interview Palestinian fighters who were there at the time. They admitted with personal pleasure how they lured Israelis into booby-trapped homes.

Himmel also illustrated on film, the size of Jenin, a city of some 200,000 people, and the actual area that was affected by the battle.

As it turns out, the entire battlefield covered an area about half the size of a football field, rather than the entire city as the media led us to believe. Not all journalists bought or disseminated the lie. But those who did not, were also not heard.

Instead of at least 500 Palestinians and perhaps many more being murdered by Israelis. Crushed by Israeli tanks and armoured bulldozers. And buried alive in mass graves as was reported world-wide by the legitimate and “respected” press, it turns out that a couple of dozen Palestinian civilians died, more to the fault of the Palestinian fighters than the Israelis. And only a couple of dozen Palestinian fighters died in the battle.

The stories didn’t highlight the Israeli soldiers who died in the homes booby-trapped by Palestinian fighters, rather than use artillery or their air force to blast the enemy, as any other military would have done.

In Israel’s case; not harming Palestinian civilians trumped the safety of their own soldiers.

Everything the willing disseminators of myths, including the foreign media and UN observers reported about the “massacre” was proven beyond a shred of doubt to be at best a gross exaggeration. And at worst, an outright lie.

Even Saeb Erekat, the official whining Palestinian mouthpiece, admitted on-camera to Martin Himmel, that he “made a mistake”. There was no massacre in Jenin.

For his documentary, Himmel took one of the Israeli reservist soldiers, who was in Jenin at the time of the fighting to England, where the Israeli met his media accusers face to face. It was quite a scene watching those high and mighty “journalists” squirm in front of Himmel’s camera, as they had to confront the Israeli they had lied about.

The Israeli never wanted to be in Jenin in the first place. He didn’t want to be fighting Palestinians. He didn’t want to see his close friends and comrades killed in battle. But more than that; he didn’t want to be labelled a War Criminal, especially for being guilty of doing nothing wrong.

But he also realized that he had a duty to perform. He and his comrades in arms were tasked with getting the TERRORISTS who were responsible for murdering Jewish Israelis. Past, present and future.

The documentary by Martin Himmel was nothing short of brilliant in the way it evenhandedly illustrated two very important issues. The first being the battle itself. The second and more important, being the lie about Jenin promoted around the world by the media which used it to defame Israel and all Jews who support Israel.

All the Israeli reservist wanted from those who wrote, published, and broadcast the Jenin lie, was to have his name, the names of his friends, and the reputation of Israel cleared.

Not only were there no apologies from the media he confronted, there wasn’t even a hint of contrition of error either. Some of the “journalists” said they might have got certain aspects of the Jenin battle wrong, but that didn’t change how horrible the Israelis were in their brutal attack. Yet another canard.

Murray Levine, a Montrealer, social activist, and promoter of worthy causes sent me a letter which he sent to the Times Of London concerning one of their journalists who appeared in the Himmel documentary.

– Begin Letter –

Last night a documentary was aired in Canada concerning the massacre of the truth, mostly by the British media regarding Jenin.

“Rarely in more than a decade of reporting from Bosnia, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Kosovo, have I seen such deliberate destruction, such disrespect for human life.” (said) Janine di Giovanni in The Times of London, April 16, 2002.

When Ms di Giovanni was filmed for the documentary, present was an Israeli soldier who participated in what she lied about above. She asked him to leave. She then asked the interviewer if he was Jewish. Draw your own conclusion.

Racism aside, this reporter has been shown to be either a liar or a very poor observer. Her association with your newspaper brings discredit to the honest professionals associated with it and if she is still associated with your newspaper after viewing the documentary then your paper is nothing but a rag!

– End Letter –

Several years ago, Michael Moore, the self appointed conscience of mankind, and ego-inflated caricature, won an Academy Award for his “documentary” Bowling For Columbine.

I used the quotation marks around “documentary” because Moore admitted that he inserted issues and events into his movie that were not part of what actually transpired on that horrible day at Columbine High School.

Nonetheless; the Leftist Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences deemed his fiction to be worthy of an Oscar for Best Documentary. It was a story based on an actual event. It could have honestly been described as a docudrama. But not a documentary.

I have to wonder if this same group of motion picture elitists will pay this type of tribute to Martin Himmel for his REAL documentary – “Jenin: Massacring the Truth”.

If not. The Academy will be no better in their own way, than the cow Janine di Giovanni of The Times of London who pretends to be an objective journalist, while she writes lies that are based upon her own bias and bigoted hatreds, rather than the truth.

My money is not on Himmel and his documentary receiving the honor and attention they both so richly deserve. But I’ve been wrong in the past.

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