Where Were The Palestinians At The Time Of The Crucifixion?

According to Gibson - It was all about the Jews. That's not too far removed from what the Bible says as well.

A person with whom I regularly exchange e-mails sent me a spoof on Mel Gibson’s movie that is making the rounds. I don’t know who created it, therefore I can not attribute it to anyone. Nonetheless it opens a very different debate.

I am less than pleased with Mel Gibson’s: “The Passion Of The Christ”, for a host of reasons. But primarily because Gibson took quite a few liberties with the historical and Biblical truth of the Crucifixion, with which he used to defame Jews.

In his portrayal of the Crucifixion, Gibson has the Romans and Jews conspiring to humiliate, torture and murder Jesus Christ. He is very clear about all of this.

According to Gibson – It was all about the Jews. That’s not too far removed from what the Bible says as well.

But what’s most interesting about the Gibson portrayal of the death of Jesus is the lack of Palestinians. Nowhere in the Bible or in the recorded history of the event are Palestinians mentioned. Not once.

Where were the Palestinians?

It seems as though the only two players competing for power in the entire region were the Romans and the Jews. This was about 2,000 years ago.

So I have to wonder how the UN, virtually all of Europe, and the so-called Palestinians, along with their Arab neighbors can even pretend that the Jews have no significant history or right to be in the land of Israel.

I would imagine the pro-Palestinians have to rethink their position, and ask where the Palestinians can prove an historical attachment to the land they call Palestine.

In a previous article, I asked the same question. Who is really occupying whom?

The Jews can prove their existence and history to Hebron, Israel’s first recognized capital under King David some 3,000 years ago. And a few years later in Jerusalem, Israel’s only other recognized capital under King Solomon, King David’s son.

And 1000 years later at the time of the Crucifixion, here are those pesky Jews, once again doing their thing in the land of Israel.

So why does the UN allow the occupation of Israel by the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians?

If the Crucifixion indeed actually happened. And I doubt if there is anyone who would suggest it didn’t. It was an affair between the Romans and the Jews. So, from where did the Palestinians come?

At the time of Jesus there were the Gods of the Romans. The Gods of the Arabs. And the single God of the Jews. The advent of Islam was many centuries away. So once again I ask a very simple question: Who were the Palestinians?

In a perverse way, I have to thank a very anti-Semitic portrayal of the Crucifixion of Christ for pointing out a piece of Biblical history that seems to have evaded everyone.

It makes Mel Gibson no less a sicko in my mind. But at the very least, he is a sicko with some limited value.

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