Svend Robinson is a THIEF!

It wasn't really him that did this horrible thing. It was stress.

Svend Robinson, Member of Parliament of the New Democratic Party (socialist) admitted to stealing an expensive piece of jewellery ($50,000) from an auction house in Vancouver this past week.

That should be the end of story. Arrest him. Try him. Convict him. And then sentence him.

That’s the way it should be done, especially given the fact that this isn’t the first time Svend Robinson confessed to stealing.

We don’t know why he REALLY came forward to admit his crime. According to him, it was guilt and the realization that he did wrong. He also mentions in passing that he was recognized in the auction house and was probably recorded on camera.

Maybe getting caught, more than guilt was his primary motivator to come clean.

In a tear-filled interview, Svend sort of resigned (temporarily) from his active duties as a Member of Parliament while he seeks help. What kind of help, who knows?

It wasn’t really him that did this horrible thing. It was stress.

Svend Robinson tearingly blurted that he is under great emotional stress. And as a result, he stole the jewellery. So in reality, it wasn’t really his fault. The stress made him do it.

In Svend’s convoluted world, he was a victim. He is not only to be pitied for the stress that made him take what wasn’t his, but; he should be applauded as a hero for coming forward in an open admission of culpability.

To him and people like him, this takes extraordinary bravery and integrity.

What makes the preceding quite incredible is that this is indeed the way Robinson and his socialist buddies (including the media) are successfully spinning it. Or at least trying to.

Instead of being branded the thief that he is, he is being heralded as a great compassionate Canadian who needs our support in his time of need.

This is the same warped Lefty-thinking that always excuses the perpetrators while pointing fingers at the real victims.

Svend also sort of forgot to mention that just prior to his light fingers shopping, he visited a Jewellery store to buy an expensive ring for his boyfriend, but couldn’t afford the $10,000. Some omission eh?

During the current Intifada, Robinson went to Israel to give succour to Palestinian TERRORISTS. He was visibly restrained by Israeli border guards as he tried to forcibly make his way into Arafat’s Ramallah headquarters.

He didn’t make it. But he did make the headline news on television, radio and in print throughout Canada. Svend’s mission accomplished.

The Israelis hardly laid a hand on him. But guess who was the victim, and who was the villain? Svend had no business being where he was. He had no business supporting a murdering TERRORIST with no shortage of blood on his hands. Yet, here was Robinson playing the victim card.

It reminds me of the American do-gooder, Rachel Corrie, another anti-Israel socialist who fell under the tracks of an Israeli bulldozer and died while she tried to get the Israelis to stop demolishing the home of a Palestinian TERRORIST. She all of a sudden became the victim to the Israeli villains.

Forget about the innocent Jews the TERRORISTS murdered and maimed for life. It all of sudden became all about her.

This is the height of Lefty propaganda strategy. When all else fails, become the victim.

The bastard with the suicide belt on his or her way to murder Jewish children isn’t the villain. He or she is the victim who has been forced to do this by the intransigence of the Jews in Israel. Well at least that’s the spin generated by most of the media.

More than that. The families and the entire community where the “suicide bomber” lived are also victims, simply because the horrible Jews forced the Palestinian victim to such great desperate lengths.

Those pesky Jews simply refuse to die or leave.

So, not only does the murderer get victim status, but so does his/her whole family and community.

Anne (my wife of 31 years) and I run a business that we have owned for almost 25 years. We know all about stress. We know about bankruptcy, about paying employee salaries off personal credit cards, about being behind in the mortgage, the car payment, and maybe not even having enough money to buy groceries or put gas in the car.

We’ve been there. Life hasn’t always been easy. Although no one’s going to hold a tag day for us, life is still no walk in the park. We’ve had to work very hard for everything we have. And even harder to keep it.

I can’t count the nights we’ve laid awake worrying about how we were going to afford keeping, feeding and sheltering our horses, which are family to us.

We’ve dealt with my cancer which required surgery and 6 weeks of aggressive radiation therapy, not knowing if this was just the tip of the iceberg or a cure.

And between 1996 and 1999, we lived with death threats and armed body guards because of my very public stand and activism for equal rights in Quebec.

We both know a little something about stress. We’ve been through the stress wringer just like everybody else. But what we don’t know is how to steal and blame everyone else for our problems.

Every time we faced a horrible circumstance, we stood as strong as we could. We never blamed anyone else for our shortcomings. Nor did we take what was not ours.

On the outside looking in, everyone who knew and saw us believed that our lives together was perfect. That we had no problems. But that’s only because our problems are ours, and not the problems of others.

After almost 31 magnificent years of being married (May 1), we still worry. Life is indeed ephemeral. What we have today could just as easily be gone tomorrow. The security we presently enjoy can evaporate. But no matter how our lives play out, none of it could ever excuse us of immorality and dishonesty.

The Lefties like Svend Robinson have created a magnificent double standard for themselves. They lecture and moralize from on-high. And when they get caught being the hypocrites they are, they instantly become the victims.

Just a quick note about Svend Robinson. He is a relatively young man who gets a fantastic salary (guaranteed) from the Canadian government, along with phenomenal perks for being a Member of Parliament.

Since he’s a perpetual back-bencher, not even as part of the official opposition, his duties and obligations are zero. And when he retires or loses his seat, his annual pension for life (guaranteed) will be more than twice as much as an average Canadian family earns in a year.

Where’s his stress? Is it because he’s so openly gay? That’s his business. There’s a lot of gay men and women with substantially less than what he has who don’t steal.

I don’t consider myself to be a true Conservative. I am a secular Jew with a social conscience who does not believe in God. But if there is a God, I would have to thank Him or Her for not making me anything at all like Svend Robinson and those like him. And I don’t mean gays.

These people are a real drag on the progress of any nation.

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  1. First of all, Carl Henderson, Quebec. I don’t whether to shake my head or laugh at your comment on this article. You fall into the category of the naive.
    And the blacks who live with the title “African-American”. You are either one or the other. You can’t be both! Decide which one that you are and go live there. Or, drown to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. You are like a person without a country. How far or deep are you going to go in the ‘dark’ before any light breaks in your heads?

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