Good-bye Rantisi – Rest In Pieces – Shame On You CNN.

If security from mass murder takes the assassination of one Rantisi, or hundreds of Rantisis, so be it.

Breaking News – Abdel Aziz Rantisi “was” a clairvoyant with the ability to foresee the future.

Almost immediately after the assassination of sheik Yassin, Rantisi’s predecessor, Rantisi stated for all to hear:

“The Israelis opened the gates of hell. And blood will flow in the streets”.

Rantisi was right. But what he didn’t foresee, was that it was going to be his blood, and his one way voyage to perdition through those open gates on April 17, 2004.

Minutes after it happened, news networks world-wide were putting their spin on the event. But CNN’s on-air personality, Frederica Whitfield has to take the cake.

It’s too bad that great looks (she’s very attractive) trumps journalistic integrity.

In her interview with Israeli Foreign Affairs spokesman, Gideon Meir (3:20pm Eastern Time), Whitfield asked if this attack on Rantisi was in retaliation to the suicide bombing (murder) a short time before at the Erez border crossing between Gaza and Israel?

Meir said clearly:

This is no retaliation. It was a prepared attack waiting for the best opportunity.

Again, Whitfield asked about Israeli retaliation attacks. Again, Meir said there are no retaliation attacks. Israel – Meir said, is at war with TERRORISTS, and has a strategy that it is following.

Israel will attack TERRORIST leaders whenever Israel has the opportunity to do so with the best chance not to kill or wound innocent civilians. In the case of Rantisi, the opportunity presented itself, and Israel took it.

Again Whitfield came back to retaliation: and again, Meir said Israel does not have the time to retaliate. This is not our strategy.

Whitfield then asked Gideon Meir if the attack on Rantisi was the result of a Green Light given to Ariel Sharon from George Bush?

Once again, Meir’s response was crystal clear:

Israel is a sovereign country that makes its own decisions in terms of how it defends itself. Israel does not go to the United States to ask permission in order to act. Just like the United States does not seek permission from others to defend itself.

The moment after Frederica Whitfield thanked Gideon Meir, and he was off-air, the first words out of her mouth were:


Meir said no such thing. TO THE CONTRARY. He insisted at least three times during their discussion that there is no retaliation policy from the State of Israel for acts of Arab TERRORISM.


And to add fuel to the flames of her outright lie concerning retaliation, she included that Israel got the Green Light from George W Bush.

Talk about yellow journalism.

Doesn’t CNN promote itself as the MOST TRUSTED NEWS STATION or something like it? If they’re the most trusted; God help us.

The spin from all the news networks I’ve seen, is that this assassination is just going to exacerbate the “cycle” of violence. Sure, just like standing up to Adolf Hitler made things worse for humanity.

Contrary to anti-Israel and Lefty thoughts, the only way to deal with thugs, murderers, and TERRORISTS is to kill them all, especially the bastards at the top. Once they’re gone the problem goes with them. And if not, where is Israel any further behind?

Who would hesitate to kill Osama Bin Laden?

I am absolutely convinced that the Palestinians will never have a normal society. It’s just not in their nature. But that’s their business and their problem.

If security from endemic state sponsored mass murder takes the assassination of one Rantisi, or hundreds of Rantisis – so be it. Eventually, the Palestinians will either get the message or run out of Rantisis.

Killing Rantisi was a step forward not backward. Killing more Rantisis will also be steps forward. Doing nothing, while the world expects Israel to negotiate with liars, thieves, cheats, thugs and murderers is not an option.

Maybe to CNN, the Lefties, and the anti-Semites, negotiation with thugs is an option. But it sure isn’t to innocent people who want to survive in the face of murderers.

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