It’s Always About Israel.

How can 5 MILLION people (Israelis) living on a spit of land with no natural resources to speak of, surrounded by a sea of more than 300 MILLION Islamic Arab antagonists garner so much attention?

On a planet with an estimated 6 BILLION people, Jews represent slightly less than 1/4 of 1% of the world population.

If Jews were wildlife, we’d probably be considered a near extinct species meriting special protection. That’s how small our numbers are.

For those who don’t want to do the math: 1/4 of 1% of 6,000,000,000 represents slightly more than 13,000,000.

There are about 5 million Jews who live in Israel, 6 million in North America, 1.5 million in all of Europe including the former Soviet Union, one half of one million in South and Central America, and a smattering elsewhere.

To read, hear and see the news, day in and day out, you’d think Jews were everywhere with a massive population, when in fact, Jews are congregated in just a few major city centers around the world. Mostly in North America.

So why all the fuss and all the media about Israel?

Do the do-nothing do-gooders who are amongst the first to demonize Israel, seem not to be aware of the fact, or realize that Black Africans are murdering, raping, maiming and starving other Black Africans by the millions everyday?

These same holier-than-thou Lefties, also seem not to know that the Arab Moslem Sudanese are murdering, raping and plundering Black Christian Sudanese everyday as well.

What about the enormous crimes perpetrated by the Chinese government against the Tibetan people? Now we’re talking population.

How about the occupation of the Lebanese people by Syria?

How can 5 MILLION people (Israelis) living on a spit of land with no natural resources to speak of, surrounded by a sea of more than 300 MILLION Islamic Arab antagonists garner so much attention?

Does anyone on this planet give a damn about the misogyny of the Islamic world, specifically in countries like Saudi Arabia where women have no rights?

In the 21st century, there are whole nations which practice slavery, most of them are Arab and African. So, where’s the outrage?

In African and Asian countries, whole species are being slaughtered into extinction with hardly a peep from the Green Peacers.

In China and other “developing” Asian countries, animals are routinely tortured in their preparation for meat, yet the animal rights groups are virtually silent. Just as they’re silent on the use of wild animal parts for “medicinal” and “aphrodisiac” purposes.

In Spain and Mexico, Bull Baiting is a national sport. And in many “developing” countries, animal fights are great entertainment.

I’m not aware of protests and demonstrations in or outside of these countries against their brutality towards animals.

I love dogs. Therefore; I make every effort not to buy any products from countries like South Korea where the people eat dogs.

There is enormous child abuse in South American countries, where “feral-like” street children are literally hunted down as if they’re vermin. Where’s the international and human-rights outrage? WHERE’S UNICEF?

And what about the forced (bought and sold) child prostitutes in many Asian countries like Thailand? The do-nothing do-gooders are silent.

Palestinian mothers and fathers are proud of their children who commit suicide in the act of murdering Jewish children. Where’s the outrage against parents who encourage their children to murder and die in the process?

The world is a pretty big place where there are no shortage of outrages, where fauna, flora and humanity are in deep trouble, but for some reason, it’s always all about the Jews and Israel.

What’s fascinating, is that Israel is not guilty of any of the aforementioned offences against the planet and humanity. Yet, to hear the do-gooders and the media, Israel seems to be the most evil place on earth.

I am utterly convinced, that as long as there is just one Jew left standing on this planet, he or she will be held responsible for everything that goes wrong.

The last Jew standing will still be accused of being the founder of Communism, or the founder of Capitalism, or the founder of Democracy, or the controller of the world banking establishments, or the controller of the world media, just as the outgoing leader of Malaysia recently stated to a standing ovation of Islam’s world leaders.

Whatever the circumstance; there will be no shortage of people willing to blame the last Jew for everything.

And if I’m wrong:

Why then is it always about Jews and Israel, a people and a country whose only crime is trying to survive as best we can?

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  1. As usual, this is a great Editorial. I’m most impressed by your comparison of the Constitution to the Ten Commandments. The Constitution is no longer respected and the Commandments have been completely disregarded. Our Government and the majority of politicians are only focused on GREED, POWER and WEALTH! When people have such a focus, they certainly won’t want to follow either the Constitution nor the Ten Commandments. As you said, I would rather speak the TRUTH than live a LIE.

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