The British: Not So-Holier-Than-Thou.

Unfortunately for the pious Jack Straw, when it comes to anti-Semitism, the British take a back-seat to no one, they're only more civilized about it.

British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw made the very public point; that the assassination of the Palestinian TERRORIST leader of Hamas – Yassin, by Israeli forces was: “Unacceptable, unjustified and very unlikely to achieve its objectives”.

Jack Straw is wrong!

The assassination of Sheik Yassin was primarily to kill him. It worked! Therefore; it clearly met its primary objective.

Straw’s other points are equally ridiculous:

How can killing a vile organizer of mass murders, and inciter of hatred be unacceptable, much less unjustified?

Would Jack Straw have said the same thing about Jack The Ripper, had he been found and killed by British authorities? After-all, Jack The Ripper “only” murdered selected prostitutes; not innocent children at random on their way to school, or people shopping or dinning. And Jack The Ripper “only” murdered a few in comparison to Yassin’s many hundreds.

What about Adolf Hitler? Did he personally murder 50 million people during the Second World War? Or were the deaths caused not by him, but only by his orders carried out by others?

I don’t know if Hitler ever personally (by his own hand) murdered a Jew. But, would his indirect hand in the murder of 6,000,000 Jews make him any less culpable than the people who did the actual dirty deeds under his command?

And if Yassin’s several hundred murdered Jews didn’t justify Israel’s decision to kill him according to Jack Straw; then how many Jews would Yassin have had to murder before taking him out, would have been justifiable?

Why was Jack Straw so hot to trot to take out Saddam Hussein, that he supported his Prime Minister’s efforts (and still does) in spite of overwhelming evidence that refuted the claims made by Blair and Bush concerning Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction?

Does getting Saddam justify the killing of all the Iraqis who fell to coalition forces, many of whom were killed by British troops? And if you think it is justified: Why?

What gave Great Britain the moral right to kill Iraqis?

Iraq was no threat to Britain. Saddam was no threat to Britain. Iraq is thousands of miles from Britain. And there are other Arab countries and leaders who are infinitely more of a threat to the well-being of the Western democratic world than Iraq ever was.

So how does Jack Straw justify killing Iraqis, and his troops’ occupation of Iraq?

Prior to the Second World War, significant leaders in Great Britain twice recommended the official recognition of the Jewish State. First it was the Balfour Delaration in 1917. Then it was the Peel Commission in 1937.

Promises were indeed made. Yet, when it came time for the British to honour their commitments, these recommendations fell on deaf British ears.

While Jews were being murdered in Pogroms in Russia, Poland and the Ukraine, there was nowhere for them to run for safety. Great Britain didn’t want them.

During the years leading up to the Holocaust, Jews once again had nowhere to flee. Virtually no country wanted them, including Great Britain.

At first, the Nazis were more than willing to steal whatever the Jews possessed, and then throw them out, but they had nowhere to throw them to. No one wanted Jews, including you know who, so in desperation, many Jews tried to make it to Palestine.

But guess who stopped them? Guess who turned back the shiploads of terrified Jewish refugees who only wanted to escape the Nazis, and return to the land of their religious forefathers?

If you guessed Great Britain, you’re right. Unfortunately for the pious Jack Straw, when it comes to anti-Semitism, the British take a back-seat to no one, they’re only more civilized about it.

Britain’s greatest literary genius, Shakspere, was also one of their greatest published anti-Semites with plays such as The Merchant of Venice, and his continuing thread of anti-Jewish references throughout his many other works.

Listening to Jack Straw lecture Israel about the morality of killing a mass murderer of Jews, is akin to a woman having to listen to a lecture by a man who has closed his eyes to the vile acts of rapists, while he lectures women victims not to fight back.

Israel did the right thing by killing Yassin. The Israeli government eliminated a mass murderer, making their country safer for Jews by a wide margin.

They also sent a message to the Middle Eastern Arabs, and to the rest of the world, that no one who kills, organizes, finances or exhorts others to kill Jews will get a free ride.

And they more or less told the likes of Jack Straw where he and his opinions can get off. The Jews of the world and Israel do not need a lecture on morality from a man whose troops are occupying a sovereign nation thousands of miles away.

Israel only needs Jack Straw and his kind to stay out of their way, while they defend their right to survive and thrive. Just like Great Britain would do in their case.

Nothing more. Nothing less.

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  1. I’m an 80 year oldconservative,always have been, and concur with all your thoughts. It’s too bad (at least to me) that America is so forgone and will never return to the way our forfathers thought it would be.

    Keep your articles coming……………….

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